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Health Insurance Reform: Timeline

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12/03/2010Treasury Issues New Guidance on Tax Credits for Small Business Health Coverage
(The Washington Report)(News Release)
11/19/2010The 3.8% Tax is Not a Real Estate Transfer Tax
(News Release)
11/05/2010The 3.8% Tax Real Estate Scenarios & Examples
(PDF: 645K)(News Release)
10/04/2010NAR Submits Formal Comments on the Newly Authorized Health Insurance Exchanges
The Washington Report(News Release)
10/04/2010NAR Comment Letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Regarding Exchange-Related Provisions in Title I of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
(PDF: 138K)(Letter)
08/30/2010NAR Represented on HHS Health Care Implementation Panel
The Washington Report(News Release)
08/13/2010Comments: HHS on Group Health Plans Status Under PPACA
(PDF: 147K)(Letter)
08/13/2010NAR Submits Comments on Proposed Regulations for Grandfathered Health Plans
The Washington Report(News Release)
08/09/2010Senate May Loosen New Reporting Requirement
The Washington Report(News Release)
06/07/2010Employer-provided Health Insurance and IRS Reporting
(The Washington Report)(News Release)
05/28/2010IRS Offers Details on New Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
(The Washington Report)(News Release)
04/26/2010No 4.0% "Sales Tax" on Home Sales In Recently Enacted Health Reform Bill
(The Washington Report)(News Release)
03/29/2010House and Senate Approve Second and Final Health Care Bill
(The Washington Report)(News Release)
03/17/2010NAR Letter to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sander Levin (D-MI), and to the Full U.S. House of Representatives, Expressing NAR's Strong Opposition to the Proposal to Impose the Medicare Hospital Insurance Premium on Unearned Income, Including Rents
(PDF: 106K)(Letter)
03/05/2010Health Summit Kicks Off Next Round of Health Reform Debate
The Washington Report(News Release)
03/02/2010Letter from President Obama to Congressional Leaders on Health Insurance Reform
(The White House)(News Release)
02/22/2010The President's Health Care Reform Proposal
(The White House)(News Release)
02/22/2010White House Unveils Health Care Bipartisan Meeting Website
(The White House)(News Release)
01/29/2010Health Reform's Uncertain Future
The Washington Report(News Release)
01/18/2010House and Senate Leadership Continue Negotiations On the Terms of a Final Compromise Health Reform Bill
The Washington Report(News Release)
01/12/2010NAR Letter to the Senate Leadership Urging Members To Adress the Tax Equity for the Self-Employed Issue in the Final Compromise Health Reform Bill
(PDF: 143K)(Letter)
01/12/2010NAR Letter to the House Leadership Urging Members To Adress the Tax Equity for the Self-Employed Issue in the Final Compromise Health Reform Bill

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