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QUIZ: Listing Presentations

 Listing appointments are your chance to outshine the competition and instill confidence in sellers that you’ll shepherd their transaction to a speedy and satisfying close. As with any presentation, polish and preparation will win you the business. Consider these true or false statements to see if you’re attuned to what it takes to give a winning presentation.

1.You should always use your laptop computer to help make your presentation.

2.During the presentation, it’s OK to ask the sellers what architectural style the home represents.

3.If the sellers are business-like, mirror their behavior. Don’t try to overcompensate with overly friendly behavior.

4.If you’re expecting an important call about another deal already in the works, it’s OK to briefly interrupt the listing presentation.

5.During a listing presentation, it’s better to listen than talk.

6.You should recommend improvements during the listing appointment that could make the house appeal to more buyers.

7.Now is the time to clue sellers in to some of the inconveniences they’ll experience during the listing period.

8.Use black-and-white copies of all your materials.

9.It’s best not to bring up your weaknesses during the listing pitch.

10.Suggest sellers conduct a pre-listing inspection.