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QUIZ: Image and Etiquette

 When you work in real estate, you’re constantly in the public eye. It’s important to keep up a professional image and use proper business etiquette. Former real estate broker Anna Wildermuth, who is now an executive image consultant with Chicago-based Personal Images Inc., helped us create this quiz so you can fine-tune your public image.

1.You're getting ready for a meeting at the home of potential sellers. What should you wear?

2.You told clients that you'd stop by with an update on their listing, but you got sidetracked at the office and forgot about the meeting. What should you do?

3.You're taking clients to one of your favorite restaurants and the server asks for your orders. You should:

4.At a real estate convention, you meet fellow practitioners of the opposite sex. You enjoy networking but you're married and want to make sure they don't get the impression that you're single or interested. What do you do?

5.You attend a panel discussion during a convention and have a question for the participants. When it's your turn to ask, you should:

6 .You've just edged out your company's longtime star performer as top producer. What's the best way to promote this accomplishment?

7 .The photo that appears on your social networking profiles should be:

8 .After signing in at a networking event, you're given a name badge. How do you wear it?

9.Your client leaves you a voicemail asking if there will be a showing this afternoon. How do you respond?

10.It's hot outside and you have a busy day of customer appointments. What do you wear?

11.What's the rule on wearing cologne or perfume?