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QUIZ: Real Estate Investment

 To be a savvy real estate investor you must be able to understand market conditions, assess how much time and money it'll take to rehab properties, and know how to deal with tenants and building maintenance. It’s not easy, but it can be highly profitable if you know what you’re doing.

1.Before you invest in real estate, you should:

2.You invest in single-family houses that you rehab and resell, usually within six months. Your goal is a 15 percent profit. You've had your eye on one fixer-upper, and when it finally goes on the market, you jump. Unfortunately, so do three other people, driving up the price beyond what you expected to pay. Should you:

3.Once you've identified a single-family investment property that you're interested in buying for investment, you should:

4.Five real estate investment "tools" that can lead you to wealth are:

5.You're investing in a market that has cooled off. Your best strategy might be to:

6.With a lease-option arrangement you:

7.A 203(k) is: