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QUIZ: Understanding Gut Instincts

 Understanding the role that gut instincts play in buyers’ and sellers’ behavior can help you build trust and win their business, says communications expert Kare Anderson, who writes and speaks on the topic. Do you have the keen eye and ear needed to know what your clients are feeling? Take this quiz, developed by Anderson, to find out.

1.People get along better when talking to each other if they are:

2.When speaking to one another, members of this group tend to stand side by side, facing the same direction:

3.If you want to increase the chance of knowing if consumers are lying to you — perhaps about whether they’ll be using your services — pay special attention to this when they're talking to you:

4.If you want to keep someone's attention, wear a:

5.What's the most ‘emotional’ of all the senses the one that bypasses the thought process causing the quickest, most intense emotional reaction?

6.Are you more likely to get someone to use your real estate services if you give them something up front, unasked, before you ask for their business?

7.Who tends to maintain wider peripheral vision when they enter a new place?

8.Who tends to be more specific in their descriptions?

9.Which of the questions in this quiz will people most likely ask for the answer to or comment on first?