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 Think you're pretty well versed in federal fair housing law? Answer these 12 questions to see whether you're ready to tout your fair housing know-how to your clients and customers.

1.Under federal fair housing laws, it is legal to prohibit which of the following in a housing unit?

2.Which of the following are violations or potential violations of the Fair Housing Act?

3.Under the federal fair housing law, the seven protected classes include

4.The fair housing laws prohibit all of the following, except

5.The Civil Rights Act of 1866 does which of the following?

6 .Based on federal fair housing law, which of the following people would be protected:

7 .The Equal Professional Service Model involves all of the following key guidelines except

8 .When a prospect inquires about the racial makeup of neighborhoods or schools, you should respond by saying:

9 .If a seller using a real estate agent refuses an offer because of the buyer's national origin, who may file a federal lawsuit against the seller?

10.Looking at the following four marketing examples, identify which one is OK under Article 10 of the Code of Ethics?

11.In an advertisement for a small, two-bedroom house in a neighborhood where many families live, which of the following language is clearly improper under the Fair Housing Act?

12.Which of the following features are required in ground floor units of non-elevator multifamily building of four units or more built after March 1991?