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Be More Mobile Than Ever
The latest products unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronics Show will impress you, from the smallest laptops to life-like 3-D GPS maps and even printers that you can take as you go.

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Your Tech To-Do List for 2008
Use the New Year to leap ahead of the competition and improve the speed and efficiency of your business. January 2008.


Maximize Your Marketing Reach ... for Free
Use the Web to expose your listings to a wider audience without spending a dime. November 2007.

Making Movies: From Camera to Screen
Video home tours can set you apart from the competition. Here's what you should consider before rolling the tape. October 2007.

New Wide-Angle Cameras See the Big Picture
Thanks to a selection of new wide-angle digital cameras, you no longer need to worry about how you’re going to capture that entire room in your tiny camera frame. September 2007

Drive-By Marketing
An array of new mobile services let you send property details and photos instantaneously to buyers who are scouting out your listings on foot or by car. August 2007

Mac Tempts PC Users to Make a Switch
Real estate has traditionally been a Windows-based industry. But with recent upgrades to the Mac and the introduction of the iPhone, will that change? July 2007

Your Digital Signature, Please?
E-signatures have been slow to gain acceptance in real estate, but the benefits seem clear to many practitioners. Are you ready to jump on board? June 2007

Marketing Gets Mashed Up With Maps
New interactive mapping software goes beyond giving directions to help you market your listings and your services. The best part? They’re easy to create, even for novices. May 2007

Never Miss a Call Again
A spectrum of new technology offerings makes it a whole lot easier for clients and prospects to reach you at any time of day. April 2007.

New Kid on the Block? Assess Your Tech Needs
From choosing a laptop to digital camera, here’s what you need to know to make wise decisions when outfitting your new business with technology. March 2007.

19 New Gadgets for Real Estate
An array of new tech tools — from cell phones with GPS capabilities to ultra-mobile computers — hold the potential to make you more productive and better connected from wherever your work takes you. February 2007.

Is Vista Right for You?
With the debut of Microsoft's latest Windows system, Vista, it's time to consider whether you're ready for an upgrade. By Mike Antoniak, January 2007.


Have a High-Tech Holiday
Ring in the New Year with these new tech gadgets that can help you grow your business. By Mike Antoniak, December 2006.

Video Podcasts: Show off the House and Yourself
Capture more listings and attract more buyers with video podcasts that put you on the cutting edge of innovation. By Mike Antoniak, November 2006

New Smartphone Features Hard to Resist
The latest smartphones to hit the market make it increasingly difficult to resist the allure of these all-in-one handhelds. By Mike Antoniak, November 2006

Mobile Technology Must-Haves
In an exclusive Q&A, an expert from Microsoft provides buying advice and offers a glance into what mobile products are on the horizon. By Mike Antoniak, September/October 2006

Printers That Cater to Real Estate
Whether you’re an independent salesperson or an office manager, it’s worth considering in-house printing solutions. By Mike Antoniak, August 2006.

Everywhere Access
Although it’s been a long time coming, the promise of the virtual office is finally available and accessible, thanks to new technology and tools. By Mike Antoniak, July 2006.

Choosing the Best Contact Management System
Once you’ve decided that you want to use a system, the question becomes whether you’ll be better served with a generic contact manager or one developed specifically for the real estate industry. By Mike Antoniak, June 2006.

Intel-Based Macs Bring Best of Both Worlds
Apple has introduced the first desktop iMacs and portable MacBook Pro notebooks based on Intel Core Duo processors — the chips empowering many of the latest PCs that run Windows XP. By Mike Antoniak, May 2006.

Protect Data By Storing Remotely
Even if you regularly save copies of files to removable media or an external drive each time you make changes, you might want to consider adding another layer of data protection. By Mike Antoniak, April 2006.

Google's New Online Classifieds
Reach out to young, tech-savvy consumers by using online classified Web sites to promote your listings. By Mark Lesswing, March 2006.

Why and How to Update Your Software
Diligence will protect your computer programs from hackers and viruses, eliminate bugs, and improve functionality. By Ian Smith, March 17, 2006.

Picture Perfect
With a little homework, you can find the right digital camera for all your real estate photography needs. By Mike Antoniak, March 3, 2006.

Podcasting's Impact on Real Estate
Podcasting isn't just for teenagers. This new form of media is popular among baby boomers, too, and it has practical uses for real estate. By Frederik Heller, Feb. 17, 2006.

The Latest Tech Innovations
Get the scoop on new gadgets unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Among the highlights: faster notebook computers, smarter PDAs, and a wide-angle digital camera. By Mike Antoniak, Feb. 3, 2006.

Why You Should Use Transaction Management
Using a transaction management system can save you time, simplify the closing process, and provide better service to your clients. By Todd Costigan, Jan. 20, 2006.

Technology to Consider in the New Year
With new technology offerings constantly seeking your attention, it can be daunting to determine what you should invest in. This list makes it easy for you. By Mike Antoniak, Jan. 6, 2006.


Abundant Options for Desktop Printing Solutions
The newest models are more affordable than ever, making them a solid investment with good return, whatever your tech budget. By Mike Antoniak, Dec. 19, 2005.

Tech Stocking Stuffers
If you’re looking for a compact gift for yourself or someone else on your holiday list, you may want to consider these practical products. By Mike Antoniak, Dec. 5, 2005.

Windows, Office Go 'Live'
Microsoft’s new Windows Live and Office Live only hint at the things to come, as personal computing shifts from a local to a Web-based activity. By Mike Antoniak, Nov. 21, 2005.

Text Messaging, Podcasting as Listing Tools
Use these communication tools to promote your listings to the growing legion of homebuyers and sellers using the new media. By Mike Antoniak, Nov. 7, 2005.

A Smarter Smartphone?
After competing for dominance of the handheld market, former rivals Microsoft Corp. and Palm Inc. have joined forces to collaborate on the next generation of Palm’s popular smartphone. By Mike Antoniak, Oct. 17, 2005.

A World Beyond Wi-Fi
If you rely heavily on Wi-Fi to access the Internet from the field, it may be time for you to make the move to wireless broadband service. By Mike Antoniak, Oct. 3, 2005.

ABCs of Your Next Computer Purchase
To make the shopping process less intimidating, we bring you up to speed on the lastest features you'll want to know about before you hit the stores. By Mike Antoniak, Sept. 19, 2005.

Faxing By Internet
Web-based services offer a quick and easy way to share documents without being tied down to a traditional fax machine. By Mike Antoniak, Sept. 6, 2005.

Quick Listing Brochures By Phone
A new software allows you to instantly create and distribute a digital brochure using your camera phone. By Mike Antoniak, Aug. 15, 2005.

Anti-spam Strategies
It’s still a challenge to separate welcome from unwanted e-mail. By Mike Antoniak, Aug. 1, 2005.

Think, Print Big
New large-format printers give you more creative control over your marketing materials. By Mike Antoniak, July 18, 2005.

More to Virtual Tours Than Meets the Eye
Virtual tour vendors are stepping up their offerings to win your business. By Mike Antoniak, July 5, 2005.

The Paperless Office
Electronic transactions may move to the mainstream, thanks to new tech tools that capture your signature. By Mike Antoniak, June 6, 2005.

Directions on Demand
GPS navigation systems may be the next standard in mobile technology. By Mike Antoniak, May 16, 2005.

Listen Before You Leap Into VoIP
High-speed Internet telephony gains momentum as an alternative to traditional phone service. By Mike Antoniak, May 2, 2005.

Portable Power
New notebooks from Dell and Gateway meet demands for size, performance, and power. By Mike Antoniak, April 18, 2005.

Digital Camera or Camera Phone?
You may need both. Digital cameras and camera phones each offers a set of exclusive benefits. By Mike Antoniak, April 4, 2005.

Small-Scale Property Management
This affordable software product can simplify your approach to tracking rental income and expenses. By Mike Antoniak, March 21, 2005.

Options Grow to Capture, Print Digital Photos
The photo industry’s trade show provides a peek into the growing options for digital cameras and printers rolling out this year. By Mike Antoniak, March 7, 2005.

Are You Using Wi-Fi?
With Wi-Fi “hot spots” you don’t have to sacrifice productivity just because you happen to be away from your computer cables. By Mike Antoniak, Feb. 14, 2005.

Vendors Unveil the Latest Tech Tools
In Las Vegas in early January, makers of anything that might be considered a consumer electronics product—from audio and video to computers and telecommunications—showed off their wares. By Mike Antoniak, Jan. 31, 2005.

Secure Your New Year
Simple security measures go a long way in protecting your computer's valuable data. By Mike Antoniak, Jan. 10, 2005.


Is It Time to Update or Upgrade?
By Mike Antoniak
Dec. 20, 2004

PDAs vs. Smartphones
By Mike Antoniak
Dec. 6, 2004

HP Courts Practitioners With Bundled Mobility
By Mike Antoniak
Nov. 15, 2004

Handheld Advances Deliver Attractive Options
By Mike Antoniak
Nov. 1, 2004

Digital Camera Makers Heed Call for Wide-Angle Imaging
By Mike Antoniak
Oct. 18, 2004

Get in Gear for 3G
By Mike Antoniak
Oct. 4, 2004

New Products Make Quality Prints from Digital Images
By Mike Antoniak
Sept. 20, 2004

Much Potential in Mobile Access to MLS
By Mike Antoniak
Sept. 7, 2004

One Call Does It All
By Mike Antoniak
Aug. 16, 2004

Do More, Carry Less With Latest Mobile Phones
By Mike Antoniak
Aug. 2, 2004

Small Steps to More Secure Computing
By Mike Antoniak
July 19, 2004

Laser Printers Finally an Affordable Option
By Mike Antoniak
July 6, 2004

Study Shows That Practitioners Adapt Well to Technology
By Mike Antoniak
June 21, 2004

NAR Tech Survey Highlights Missed Opportunities
By Mike Antoniak
June 7, 2004

Sign Here, Online
By Mike Antoniak
May 17, 2004

What to Look for in a Display
By Mike Antoniak
May 3, 2004

Audio Tours Promote, Capture Listings
By Mike Antoniak
April 26, 2004

Don’t Be Caught Without Backup
By Mike Antoniak
April 5, 2004

Better Computing for Less Money
By Mike Antoniak
March 22, 2004

Wireless Insights
By Mike Antoniak
March 8, 2004

Tech Companies That Target You
By Mike Antoniak
Feb. 16, 2004

Latest Digital Cameras Hard to Resist
By Mike Antoniak
Feb. 2, 2004

Does Your Web Site Have Curb Appeal?
By Mike Antoniak
Jan. 12, 2004


Another Good Year for Hardware
By Mike Antoniak
Dec. 22, 2003

COMDEX 2003: Technology Coming Your Way
By Mike Antoniak
Nov. 24, 2003

Services Help Build or Enhance Your Web Site
By Mike Antoniak
Nov. 10, 2003

Another Choice in Mobile Computing
By Mike Antoniak
Oct. 27, 2003

Gifts that Give Back
By Mike Antoniak
Sept. 29, 2003

Mobile Technology: Do More, Carry Less
By Mike Antoniak
Sept. 15, 2003

E-mail Campaigns Offer Marketing Option
By Mike Antoniak
Aug. 25, 2003

Internet Presence Considered Critical to Effective Marketing
By Mike Antoniak
Aug. 11, 2003

Speak Up for the Latest Listings
By Mike Antoniak
July 28, 2003

Kicking Your Handheld Into High Gear
By Mike Antoniak
July 14, 2003

Getting that Virtual Advantage
By Mike Antoniak
June 9, 2003

Color Printing on a Budget
By Mike Antoniak
May 26, 2003

Palm Ups the Options
By Mike Antoniak
May 12, 2003

Plug Into Wi-Fi
By Mike Antoniak
April 28, 2003

Listing Data Entry Goes Wireless
By Mike Antoniak
March 24, 2003

Tech Products for Special Needs
By Mike Antoniak
March 10, 2003

Color Printing Made Easy
By Mike Antoniak
Feb. 24, 2003

GMAC Embraces Blackberry
By Mike Antoniak
Feb. 10, 2003

Comdex/Macworld Update
By Mike Antoniak
Jan. 27, 2003

Tech Strategies for 2003
By Mike Antoniak
Jan. 13, 2003

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