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This article was published on: 11/01/2000

2000 Cost vs. Value report


(average cost recouped, national)
Minor kitchen remodel
Two-story addition
Bathroom addition
Bathroom remodel
Family room addition
Exterior painting

Online Exclusives:
Master suite 72%
Basement refinishing69%
Re-roofing 60%
Sunroom addition 60%
You’ve got a nice listing that would be a great catch--with a little fixing up.

On another listing, the sellers are thinking of redoing the kitchen before they officially put their house on the market.

The buyers of the first property and the sellers of the second have the same two questions: How much will remodeling cost? And how much of the cost can we get back in a resale?

Helping you answer these questions is what this “2000 Cost vs. Value Report” is all about. Compiled by Remodeling magazine and published annually in REALTOR® Magazine through an editorial partnership, the study compares the cost of and expected return on 10 popular home improvements, six of which we present here: a minor kitchen remodel, two-story addition, bathroom addition, bathroom remodel, family room addition, and exterior painting.

The “Cost vs. Value Report” is the result of interviews with 300 real estate salespeople and appraisers representing 60 different market areas. They were asked the percent of cost they thought would be recouped on each project if the house were sold within a year.

Bear in mind that return on investment in remodeling can vary widely depending on the home and neighborhood.

Real estate professionals who participated in this study say popular projects such as kitchen and bath remodels remain a solid investment for homeowners.

The minor kitchen remodel was rated as the most likely to return value for cost. HomeTech, the Maryland-based construction software publisher that supplied estimates on all of the projects, says the kitchen remodel would average about $14,847 nationally. Survey participants say the project would retrieve some 88 percent of that cost. Respondents rated the two-story addition second most valuable. The cost estimated by HomeTech is $67,743; our survey participants say it would bring back 84 percent.

Check out the expert comments that go with each project. John Duncan, an architect with Moon Brothers, a design/build remodeling firm in Atlanta; Pam Enz, an interior designer with M/A/Peterson in Edina, Minn.; and Ron Roell, owner of Ron Roell Interior Remodeling Specialist in Cincinnati, offer tips on getting the most value from the projects. Pass their ideas on to customers who have renovation on their minds.

Editor’s note: Remodeling magazine, published by Hanley-Wood LLC, Washington, D.C., has been publishing the “Cost vs. Value Report” annually for more than a decade. We’d like to thank the editors and designers at Remodeling and the contributors listed on page 64 for helping us bring this report to you.

Remodeling magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report,” © 2000, by Hanley-Wood LLC. Republication or redissemination of the report is expressly prohibited without written permission of Hanley-Wood LLC. See page 57 for information about ordering reprints.

Minor kitchen remodel
Homeowners who can’t afford to tear out their kitchen and start from scratch can still give it a fresh, clean look. If they replace floors, countertops, and cabinet facings, install a new oven and cooktop, and add a coat or two of paint, they’ll spend a fraction what they’d spend on a full-fledged remodel--and they’ll see a greater return on their investment to boot.

“To really gut a kitchen, you have to throw a lot of money in there,” says Iowa real estate practitioner Ray Dennis. But with the facelift, he says, “you can go from a dungeon to something that’s pretty presentable without spending a lot of money.”

How much? HomeTech estimates the cost of the job specified below at $14,847 as a national average. For the money, minor kitchen remodels return more--88 percent--than any of the other projects in the Cost vs. Value survey.

Still, the national figure would be a Bay-area bargain. In San Francisco a kitchen makeover runs nearly $19,000. That sounds like a lot until you consider that it’s likely to return 147 percent of cost ($27,800) in resale.

  • Use more expensive door and drawer hardware to give the kitchen a richer feel.--Enz
  • Deploy task lighting under upper cabinets in place of a single central light, so you’re not working in your own shadow.--Duncan
  • Consider leaving doorways open--that is, doorless--to ease flow and create better visuals of adjacent spaces.--Duncan

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION--In a functional but dated 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of cabinetry and countertops, refinish existing cabinets and install new energy-efficient wall oven and cooktop, laminate countertops, mid-priced sink and faucet, wall covering, and resilient flooring. Repaint. Job includes new raised-panel wood doors on cabinets.
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    East Avge. $15,468 $14,90696%
    Albany, N.Y.$14,466 $9,167 63
    Baltimore$13,520$10,198 75
    Boston$17,408$16,167 93
    Burlington, Vt. $13,250$10,600 80
    Garden City, N.Y. $17,238 $24,203140
    Hartford, Conn. $15,683 $13,821 88
    Lancaster, Pa. $14,534$7,692 53
    Nashua, N.H.$13,655 $15,258 112
    New Haven, Conn. $15,750 $20,507130
    Passaic, N.J. $17,170 $13,80080
    Philadelphia $16,359$14,00086
    Pittsburgh$15,670$14,324 91
    Providence, R.I. $15,616 $20,000128
    Westchester, N.Y. $17,576 $22,417128
    Wilmington, Del. $14,128 $11,436 81
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    South Avge. $13,177 $12,157 92%
    Atlanta $13,479$13,326 99
    Birmingham, Ala. $13,114 $18,040138
    Columbia, S.C.$12,195$10,92090
    Dallas-Ft. Worth $13,385$12,750 95
    Houston$13,885$9,100 66
    Jacksonville, Fla. $12,844$7,50058
    Knoxville, Tenn. $12,547$6,80554
    Louisville, Ky. $14,128$10,356 73
    Miami $13,601 $11,800 87
    New Orleans $12,776$15,309120
    Raleigh-Durham, N.C. $12,303 $9,56178
    Richmond, Va. $12,709 $11,75092
    Tampa, Fla. $13,047$13,000100
    Tulsa, Okla. $12,979$11,83391
    Washington, D.C. $14,669$20,300 138

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    Midwest Avge.
    $11,918 79%
    Chicago $16,981 $15,302 90
    Cleveland $16,156 $11,100 69
    Columbus, Ohio $14,858 $12,372 83
    Des Moines, Iowa $14,128 $6,83048
    Detroit $16,129 $16,480102
    Fargo, N.D. $14,061 $10,334 73
    Grand Rapids, Mich. $14,750 $10,667 72
    Indianapolis $14,838 $9,375 63
    Kansas City, Mo. $14,872$13,434 90
    Madison, Wis. $16,089 $10,625 66
    Milwaukee $16,224 $11,680 72
    Minneapolis $16,359 $15,68596
    Sioux Falls, S.D. $12,506$8,250 66
    St. Louis $15,791 $14,190 90
    Wichita, Kan. $12,776 $12,440 97
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    West Avge. $15,641 $13,571 87%
    Albuquerque, N.M.$13,790$8,052 58
    Boise, Idaho $14,264$11,00077
    Colorado Springs, Colo. $14,061 $9,78170
    Denver $14,372 $13,100 91
    Honolulu $18,522 $17,252 93
    Las Vegas $15,115 $12,01679
    Los Angeles $17,576$15,500 88
    Phoenix $14,493 $8,375 58
    Portland, Ore. $15,616 $17,250 110
    Sacramento, Calif. $16,765 $6,500 39
    Salt Lake City $13,452 $8,000 59
    San Diego $16,900 $16,800 99
    San Francisco $18,928 $27,800 147
    Seattle $15,818$18,600 118
    Spokane, Wash. $14,940 $13,542 91
    National Average$14,847$13,13888%

    Two-story addition
    An addition of this size is costly and risky but potentially more rewarding than any other kind of remodeling activity. It’s costly, as confirmed by HomeTech, which estimates that the project as described would run $67,743 (and the price would be much higher in markets such as Honolulu, $87,509, or San Francisco, $85,255). It’s risky because the new addition could end up looking like what it is--an addition. Only careful design and seamless execution make this pricey piece of work pay off at the settlement table.

    Real estate pros suggest that, based on a nationwide average, the two-story addition would fetch 84 percent of cost in a resale, about $56,770, making it the second most value-enhancing of the projects in this year’s survey.

  • You can get an exciting new feeling for the bedroom by vaulting the second-floor ceilings.--Duncan
  • Put in a high transom window or a dormer to allow more light into the second floor.--Duncan
  • Put concrete flooring in the crawl space to add room for storage and keep the earth smell out.--Enz

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION Add a 24-by-16-foot two-story wing, over a crawl space, with a first-floor family room, a second-floor bedroom with full bath, and 11 windows total. Include a prefabricated fireplace in the family room and an atrium-style exterior door. Floors are carpeted, and walls are of painted drywall. The 5-by-8-foot bathroom has a fiberglass bath/shower, standard-grade toilet, wood vanity with ceramic tile sink top, ceramic tile flooring, and mirrored medicine cabinet with light strip above. Bathroom walls are wallpapered. Add new heating and cooling system to handle addition.

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    East Average $70,403 $61,011 87%
    Albany, N.Y.$65,721 $44,66768
    Burlington, Vt.$61,877 $50,40081
    Garden City, N.Y.$79,356$109,458138
    Hartford, Conn.$70,917 $66,435 94
    Lancaster, Pa.$66,131$31,54848
    Nashua, N.H.$61,579$52,00084
    New Haven, Conn.$71,755$72,502101
    Passaic, N.J.$77,790$59,60077
    Providence, R.I.$71,024$52,87574
    Westchester, N.Y.$79,707$112,500141
    Wilmington, Del.$65,508$53,373 81

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    South Average $60,150 $54,279 90%
    Atlanta$62,055 $53,333 86
    Birmingham, Ala.$60,222 $68,067 113
    Columbia, S.C.$55,471 $55,279100
    Dallas-Ft. Worth$57,248$46,750 82
    Jacksonville, Fla.$60,368 $45,60076
    Knoxville, Tenn.$57,745 $41,384 72
    Louisville, Ky.$64,803 $55,819 86
    Miami$62,587 $64,000102
    New Orleans$58,941$53,16590
    Raleigh-Durham, N.C.$55,790$52,40094
    Richmond, Va.$58,683 $43,33374
    Tampa, Fla.$59,756$52,56188
    Tulsa, Okla.$58,616$49,28884
    Washington, D.C.$66,781$90,000 135

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    Midwest Average $69,189 $51,170 74%
    Chicago$77,100 $56,71074
    Cleveland$75,577$52,025 69
    Columbus, Ohio$68,712 $48,30770
    Des Moines, Iowa$64,573$36,91057
    Fargo, N.D.$63,907$52,406 82
    Grand Rapids, Mich.$67,571$55,08382
    Kansas City, Mo.$67,236$45,43468
    Madison, Wis.$72,699 $41,250 57
    Milwaukee$75,758 $54,773 72
    Sioux Falls, S.D.$58,601$40,00068
    St. Louis$71,074$52,233 73
    Wichita, Kan.$58,272$47,50082
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    West Average $71,232 $60,619 85%
    Albuquerque, N.M.$62,207 $26,70943
    Boise, Idaho$64,568$50,87779
    Colorado Springs, Colo.$64,273$42,02765
    Las Vegas$68,625$50,56074
    Los Angeles$79,202$79,033100
    Phoenix$66,343$39,550 60
    Portland, Ore.$70,798$54,40077
    Sacramento, Calif.$76,025$46,667 61
    Salt Lake City$62,009$36,35059
    San Diego$76,319$66,20087
    San Francisco$85,255$142,000167
    Spokane, Wash.$67,900$53,827 79

    National Average$67,743 $56,77084%

    Bathroom addition
    Today’s homeowners are used to having a bathroom on every floor. “Two and a half baths is pretty much a necessity,” says Tennessee real estate pro Margaret Fraser. “Buyers like one for the master and one for the children, with a half-bath downstairs.”

    So it’s tough to convince potential buyers of the virtues of a house that has only one full bath, whatever those virtues might be.

    Adding a bathroom inside existing space can be done for $14,216, estimates HomeTech. From an investment standpoint, bathroom additions are one of the smartest projects to undertake, because, averaged nationwide, homeowners can recoup 82 percent of that investment, and in fast-appreciating real estate markets like San Francisco or the well-heeled Westchester County suburbs of New York, they can do considerably better than that. Texas real estate practitioner Irby Roselle advises sparing no expense. “When it comes to the bathroom, the grander it is, the more people like it,” he notes.

  • Paint one wall—or a border--with a leather or metallic specialty finish to give the room a “designed” look.--Enz
  • Install double showerheads for greater comfort and convenience.--Enz
  • If the tub wall is the outside wall, use glass block and skylights to bring the light in.--Duncan

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION Add a second full bath to a house with one or one-and-a-half baths. The 6-by-8-foot bath should be within the existing floor plan in an inconspicuous spot convenient to the bedrooms. Include cultured-marble vanity top, molded sink, standard bathtub with shower, low-profile toilet, lighting, mirrored medicine cabinet, linen storage, vinyl wallpaper, ceramic tile floor, and ceramic tile walls in tub area.
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    East Average$14,863 $13,05788%
    Albany, N.Y.$14,110 $8,83363
    Baltimore $12,871 $8,811 68
    Burlington, Vt.$12,717$8,800 69
    Garden City, N.Y.$16,772$25,290 151
    Hartford, Conn.$15,079 $12,22481
    Lancaster, Pa.$13,914$6,54747
    Nashua, N.H.$12,961$12,33395
    New Haven, Conn.$14,998$14,48397
    Passaic, N.J.$16,506$8,90054
    Pittsburgh$15,080 $11,865 79
    Providence, R.I.$14,877 $18,750 126
    Westchester, N.Y.$16,775$22,000131
    Wilmington, Del. $13,468$10,95481
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    South Average$12,438 $10,847 87%
    Atlanta$12,775$12,592 99
    Birmingham, Ala.$12,012 $12,594 105
    Columbia, S.C.$11,522 $11,096 96
    Dallas-Ft. Worth$12,813$10,25080
    Jacksonville, Fla.$11,910$7,50063
    Knoxville, Tenn.$11,845 $5,43046
    Louisville, Ky.$13,498$11,79387
    Miami$12,876 $10,40081
    New Orleans$12,112$14,198117
    Raleigh-Durham, N.C.$11,170 $9,14082
    Richmond, Va.$11,965$9,25077
    Tampa, Fla.$12,328$9,667 78
    Tulsa, Okla.$12,360$11,59094
    Washington, D.C.$14,046$17,400124
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    Midwest Average$14,399 $10,394 72%
    Chicago$16,100 $12,01075
    Columbus, Ohio$14,163$9,90870
    Des Moines, Iowa$13,553$6,28046
    Detroit$15,592$15,240 98
    Fargo, N.D.$10,925 $7,919 72
    Grand Rapids, Mich.$14,517$12,04383
    Kansas City, Mo.$14,438$14,01197
    Madison, Wis.$15,630$10,375 66
    Milwaukee$15,902 $10,71067
    Minneapolis$15,929$11,959 75
    Sioux Falls, S.D.$11,880 $7,250 61
    St. Louis$15,253 $14,72797
    Wichita, Kan.$12,192$9,44077
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    West Average$15,165$12,51683%
    Albuquerque, N.M.$13,250 $6,38048
    Boise, Idaho$14,166$9,62068
    Colorado Springs, Colo.$13,349$6,06245
    Las Vegas$14,420 $9,905 69
    Los Angeles$16,933$14,83388
    Portland, Ore.$15,743$12,74981
    Sacramento, Calif.$16,564$9,66758
    Salt Lake City$12,807 $6,00047
    San Diego, Calif.$16,445 $14,60089
    San Francisco$18,874$32,600 173
    Seattle $15,640$20,600132
    Spokane, Wash.$14,574$13,19591
    National Average$14,216$11,703 82%

    Bathroom remodel
    Nothing kills a sale faster than the faded beauty of yesteryear’s bathroom, unless, of course, it’s the faded beauty of yesteryear’s kitchen.

    “Kitchens, baths, and mechanicals,” Columbus, Ohio, appraiser Charles Pavey says. Those are what buyers check out first.

    Kitchens and bathrooms “date” more rapidly than the rest of the house. And after kitchens, bathrooms cost more to remodel per labor-intense square foot than any other room. HomeTech estimates it would cost $9,748 to remodel the 5-by-9-foot bathroom described. For value returned, that project ranks behind the minor kitchen remodel and the two-story addition, and equals the (pricier) bathroom addition. Real estate pros put return on investment at 82 percent nationwide ($7,952), though some markets report substantially higher returns. Among them are Providence, R.I., where professionals estimate a 127 percent return ($12,625) on a $9,964 project. In the white-hot San Francisco market, a $12,604 bath remodel is estimated to bring back $19,100—152 percent.

  • You could recoup $1,000 just by using designer colors.--Roell
  • To add character, use a decorative framed mirror from an antique store instead of a plate glass mirror.--Enz
  • Tiling the ceiling and covering the entire opening to the shower stall converts it to a steam bath at no cost.--Enz

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION Update an existing 5-by-9-foot bathroom that is at least 25 years old with a new standard-size tub, toilet, and solid-surface vanity counter with integral double sink. Install new lighting, faucets, mirrored medicine cabinet, ceramic tile floor, and ceramic tile walls in tub/shower area (vinyl wallpaper elsewhere).

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    East Average$10,039 $8,914 89%
    Albany, N.Y.$9,579$5,33356
    Burlington, Vt.$8,674$7,30084
    Garden City, N.Y.$11,255 $15,751 140
    Hartford, Conn.$10,104 $7,047 70
    Lancaster, Pa.$9,639 $5,45557
    Nashua, N.H.$8,624$9,552111
    New Haven, Conn.$10,063$10,185101
    Passaic, N.J.$11,100$7,300 66
    Pittsburgh$10,201 $9,05589
    Providence, R.I.$9,964 $12,625127
    Westchester, N.Y.$11,277$13,583120
    Wilmington, Del.$9,237$7,04576

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    South Average$8,770 $7,559 86%
    Atlanta$8,979 $8,993100
    Birmingham, Ala.$8,825 $9,020102
    Columbia, S.C.$8,272$7,114 86
    Dallas-Ft. Worth$8,493$7,000 82
    Jacksonville, Fla.$8,437$5,200 62
    Knoxville, Tenn.$8,362$4,52054
    Louisville, Ky.$9,312 $5,99364
    New Orleans$8,493$9,909 117
    Raleigh-Durham, N.C.$8,125$6,10075
    Richmond, Va.$8,550$7,583 89
    Tampa, Fla.$8,745$7,29283
    Tulsa, Okla.$8,926$8,75898
    Washington, D.C.$9,697$12,150125

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    Midwest Average$9,909 $7,302 74%
    Chicago$11,009 $10,47395
    Columbus, Ohio$9,621$7,13974
    Des Moines, Iowa$9,247 $4,250 46
    Detroit$10,636 $12,000113
    Fargo, N.D.$9,463$5,98563
    Grand Rapids, Mich.$9,560$7,28376
    Indianapolis$9,651$4,542 47
    Kansas City, Mo.$9,911$7,09272
    Madison, Wis.$10,286$6,87567
    Sioux Falls, S.D.$8,302$4,50054
    St. Louis$10,509$10,616101
    Wichita, Kan.$8,584 $6,83080

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    West Average$10,274$8,032 78%
    Albuquerque, N.M.$9,162 $3,852 42
    Boise, Idaho$9,501$6,88072
    Colorado Springs, Colo.$9,360$4,64850
    Denver$9,610$8,600 89
    Las Vegas$9,802 $7,123 73
    Los Angeles$11,405$8,100 71
    Portland, Ore.$10,422$9,300 89
    Sacramento, Calif.$11,032$3,83335
    Salt Lake City$8,944$4,875 55
    San Diego, Calif.$11,111$8,80079
    San Francisco$12,604 $19,100152
    Spokane, Wash.$9,818 $8,57687
    National Average$9,748$7,952 82%

    Family room addition
    Want to increase square footage? Add a family room. Homeowner uses for the room change over the years as the kids grow up, but the room itself never outlives its usefulness. “Five years from now, that remodeled kitchen is going to be an old kitchen,” Florida real estate appraiser Reginald Carter points out. “A third of its life expectancy will be used up. With a family room, at least you have the square footage.”

    Real estate professionals say the functional flexibility of the family room excites the imaginations of buyers. “If you have one with a fireplace and a wet bar, or room for a big-screen TV and pool table, buyers envision this grand party they’re going to have and the romantic evenings by the fireplace,” Michigan real estate pro Cecily Bliesath says.

    HomeTech estimates the national average cost of building a family room at $47,764. Real estate pros say it will bring back $36,169, or 76 percent of cost.

  • Combine painted and stained woodwork for a classy look at half the cost of all stained.--Roell
  • Build cabinetry with retractable doors to conceal the television and other electronics, freeing up the room for multiple uses.--Enz
  • Place windows high on walls to allow more space for furniture.--Duncan

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION In a style and location appropriate to the existing house, add a 16-by-25-foot room on a new crawl space foundation with wood-joist floor framing, wood siding on exterior walls, and fiberglass shingle roof. Include drywall interior with batt insulation, tongue-and-groove hardwood floor, and 180 square feet of glazing, including windows, atrium-style exterior doors, and two operable skylights. Tie into existing heating and cooling.
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    East Average $49,748 $39,633 80%
    Albany, N.Y.$46,519 $23,33350
    Burlington, Vt.$42,606$27,000 63
    Garden City, N.Y.$55,432$76,086137
    Hartford, Conn.$50,432$37,02173
    Lancaster, Pa.$46,736$17,54938
    Nashua, N.H.$43,911$33,00075
    New Haven, Conn.$50,656$41,86383
    Passaic, N.J.$55,214 $29,40053
    Philadelphia, Pa.$52,606$35,00067
    Pittsburgh, Pa.$50,388 $39,35178
    Providence, R.I.$50,215$39,25078
    Westchester, N.Y.$56,519$62,083110
    Wilmington, Del.$45,432$36,50280
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    South Average $42,530 $32,251 76%
    Atlanta$43,302 $31,66773
    Birmingham, Ala.$42,171$43,276103
    Columbia, S.C.$39,215$37,368 95
    Dallas-Ft. Worth$43,041 $36,25084
    Houston$44,650$24,500 55
    Jacksonville, Fla.$41,302$24,000 58
    Knoxville, Tenn.$40,345$23,400 58
    Louisville, Ky.$45,432 $32,70172
    New Orleans$41,085$38,20193
    Raleigh-Durham, N.C.$39,563$27,600 70
    Richmond, Va.$40,867$21,08352
    Tampa, Fla.$41,954 $34,85083
    Tulsa, Okla.$41,737$26,07662
    Washington, D.C.$49,549$52,500 106
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    Midwest Average $48,550$33,962 70%
    Chicago$54,345 $33,681 62
    Cleveland$51,954 $31,87561
    Columbus, Ohio$47,780$31,21165
    Des Moines, Iowa$45,432$23,95053
    Detroit$51,954 $50,98098
    Fargo, N.D.$45,215 $34,50776
    Grand Rapids, Mich.$47,432 $36,75077
    Indianapolis$47,715$27,917 59
    Kansas City, Mo.$47,824$37,135 78
    Madison, Wis.$51,736$30,000 58
    Minneapolis$52,606 $40,995 78
    Sioux Falls, S.D.$40,215 $26,92967
    St. Louis$50,780$32,91065
    Wichita, Kan.$41,085$34,98085
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    West Average $50,228 $38,831 77%
    Albuquerque, N.M.$44,436 $19,97145
    Boise, Idaho$45,867$30,68067
    Colorado Springs, Colo.$45,217$24,49254
    Denver, Colo.$46,258$27,90060
    Las Vegas$48,606$32,255 66
    Los Angeles$56,519 $54,840 97
    Portland, Ore.$50,215$43,00086
    Sacramento, Calif.$53,910$28,33353
    Salt Lake City$43,259$26,75062
    San Diego$54,345$49,80092
    San Francisco$61,084$91,000149
    Spokane, Wash.$46,663 $28,19960
    National Average$47,764$36,16976%

    Exterior painting
    Jacksonville, Fla., real estate pro Kathy Shirley says she can tell in seconds which clients maintain their home and which don’t. The well-maintained home is always freshly painted.

    Besides protecting wood from the elements, paint provides a tremendous boost to eye appeal by making an old house look like it just took a shower and washed its hair. “Sixty percent of home sales are made before anybody even steps out of the car,” says Cincinnati remodeler Ron Roell. “Your floor plan means about 40 percent.” Painting also provides an opportunity to make a statement with color. “You can take some chances and do fun things with it,” architect John Duncan of Atlanta-based Moon Brothers says.

    HomeTech estimates the national average cost of painting a two-story house at $8,336. Real estate practitioners and appraisers suggest that a homeowner would recoup a healthy 75 percent of that--$6,233—in resale.

  • One color for the house, one for the trim, and one for the shutters and other accents makes for a lot more personality.--Enz
  • Select colors with all four seasons in mind.--Enz
  • For maintenance, hand wash your siding with a mild solution and allow adequate drying time.--Duncan

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION Repaint post-1980 two-story wood-sided home. Pressure-wash exterior siding and trim surfaces with hydrosodium chloride to remove mildew and algae. Scrape all peeling paint and feather-sand with electric sanders. Re-caulk all open joints. Spackle open splits in wood surfaces and sand. Re-glaze window mullions. Apply one coat wood primer to the siding, trim, windows, doors, and shutters. Follow with one coat satin acrylic latex paint.
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    East Average $8,686 $7,327 84%
    Albany, N.Y.$8,122 $2,833 35
    Boston$9,792 $7,66778
    Burlington, Vt.$7,439$5,70077
    Garden City, N.Y.$9,679$13,436 139
    Hartford, Conn.$8,806$5,86267
    Lancaster, Pa.$8,160$3,82947
    Nashua, N.H.$7,667$6,82589
    New Haven, Conn.$8,844$6,25471
    Passaic, N.J.$9,641$6,62569
    Philadelphia, Pa.$9,185 $8,40091
    Pittsburgh, Pa.$8,798$4,952 56
    Providence, R.I.$8,768$16,000 182
    Westchester, N.Y.$9,868$9,41795
    Wilmington, Del.$7,932$6,77985

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    South Average $7,399$6,00981%
    Atlanta$7,568 $7,00092
    Birmingham, Ala.$7,363 $3,54948
    Columbia, S.C.$6,847 $5,960 87
    Dallas-Ft. Worth$7,515$6,62588
    Jacksonville, Fla.$7,211$3,80053
    Knoxville, Tenn.$7,044$6,030 86
    Louisville, Ky.$7,933 $3,95050
    New Orleans$7,173$7,612106
    Raleigh-Durham, N.C.$6,908$5,64382
    Richmond, Va.$7,136$4,50063
    Tampa, Fla.$7,325 $5,83380
    Tulsa, Okla.$7,287$5,572 76
    Washington, D.C.$8,236$13,325 162
    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    Midwest Average $8,479 $5,28962%
    Chicago$9,534 $6,49568
    Columbus, Ohio$8,342$3,60143
    Des Moines, Iowa$7,933$3,22041
    Fargo, N.D.$7,895$4,772 60
    Grand Rapids, Mich.$8,282 $4,45054
    Kansas City, Mo.$8,350 $6,225 75
    Madison, Wis.$9,033 $4,12546
    Minneapolis$9,185 $8,16189
    St. Louis$8,866$4,65352
    Sioux Falls, S.D.$7,022$3,12545
    Wichita, Kan.$7,173 $5,940 83

    Region or City
    Job Cost
    Resale Value
    Cost Recouped
    West Average $8,782$6,30572%
    Albuquerque, N.M.$7,743 $2,47432
    Boise, Idaho$8,009$6,26078
    Colorado Springs, Colo.$7,895$3,02138
    Denver$8,069 $5,80072
    Las Vegas$8,487$4,624 54
    Los Angeles$9,868$6,833 69
    Phoenix$8,138$4,875 60
    Portland, Ore.$8,768 $5,900 67
    Sacramento, Calif.$9,413 $3,083 33
    Salt Lake City$7,553 $3,75050
    San Diego$9,489$8,800 93
    San Francisco$10,627$17,200162
    Spokane, Wash.$8,388$5,73168
    National Average$8,336$6,23375%

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