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May 2008

The Centennial Page: Celebrating NAR's 100th Anniversary

Quiz: A Century of Real Estate Trivia

Anxiety Overload?

Last Call for Good Neighbor Awards Nominees!

Blog: YPN Lounge

Blog: The Weekly Book Scan

Tech Watch: Take Control of Incoming Calls

Sales Coach: Good Vibrations

Architecture Coach: The Roof

Buyer's Guide: High-Tech Presentations

April 2008

The Cleverest Promotional Giveaways
You mailed us dozens of your most effective and memorable giveaways that you use to reach out to prospects. Now, see some of the best ideas and get inspired for your own giveaways.

Buyer's Guide: GPS Systems
Never get lost again! A GPS navigation system can get you from point A to point B effortlessly. Check out the latest models and learn what features you should look for before you buy.

Lists and More Lists!
Didn’t get your fill of lists from this month’s issue? Well, we have more of them for you online. Get more tips on sales & marketing, technology, and more.

Sales Coach: The Modern-Day Open House
The digital age has taken open houses to the next level. Find out how you can use technology to put your next open house on the cutting edge.

Quiz: Holding Onto Referrals
How can you make sure customers keep coming back to you for all their real estate transactions? Take this online quiz to see if you’re taking the right steps to holding onto your customers for life.

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In the Trenches
Funny On-the-Job Stories Take a break from your day for a laugh! Read this month’s In the Trenches, which captures the hilarious job adventures of your peers.

How I Sold It: Going Once, Twice — Sold!
With a small-town real estate market hobbled by factory and store closings, Greg A. Storey used an auction to close a sale for almost double the market price.

Book Excerpt: The Basics of 1031 Exchanges
Better serve your clients’ needs by knowing the ins and outs of the 1031 exchange and who can benefit from them.

Architecture Coach: Buyers Rediscover Appeal of Kit Homes
Beyond the nostalgia of understanding how your parents and grandparents grew up, a new generation of home owners are drawn to the turn-of-the-century catalog homes.

March 2008

Scripts: Make the Most of Prospecting
Get scripts on how to respond to prospective clients’ most common objections, from pesky questions about a sour housing market to FSBOs who think they don’t need your help. And then take our Prospecting quiz!

Slideshow: Build a Better Web Site
Buyers and sellers are looking for real estate information online, so get them lookin’ at you. Find out how you can enhance your Web site to get more online attention.

The Weekly Book Scan: Secrets of Fame and Fortune
At the Weekly Book Scan blog, read five tips from the new book How Come that Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not? Also, listen to an interview with the book’s author, Robert Shemin.

How I Sold It: The Painful Truth
Referring to this listing as “fixer-upper” or “handyman special” wouldn’t even get this less-than-perfect listing sold. Find out how one practitioner turned the neighborhood eye sore into a hot property.

Architecture Coach: Freshen Up Outdoor Spaces
Living Spaces Inviting decks, patios, and terraces can get buyers to take notice.

Sales Coach: Listen Up!
Avoid the common mistakes of novice listeners.

YPN Lounge: The Young Professionals Hub
Get connected with career-driven young real estate professionals in the YPN Lounge, the new blog for REALTORŪ magazine’s Young Professionals Network. Get the latest buzz on technology, marketing, sales, and more.

Blanche Evans: Prepare for Spring House Selling
The spring selling season is just around the corner. Find out how you can help your sellers freshen up their homes so they’re ready.

In the Trenches: Foreclosures Adventures
Need a laugh? Read your peers’ funny on-the-job tales. Then, submit your own!

Beware These Inspection Red Flags
Practitioners can protect themselves against potential liability by learning how to pick out visible defects in new and older homes.

Use Web Forms as Lead Generators
Can’t get customers to fill out your online forms? Then maybe you need to change your approach. Here are three strategies to get customers sharing.

February 2008

Slide Show: Hot Design Trends
Be the first to see emerging styles for inside and outside the home. Our interactive slide shows are brimming with ideas for sprucing up your listings.

Buyer’s Guide: Smarter Phones
The latest smart phones can do it all, with contact records available at your fingertips, built-in GPS to keep you on track, and even cameras to snap photos of your listings.

Video: Insider Look at an Energy Audit
You never know what secrets an energy audit will uncover. Take a behind-the-scenes look, and learn how to make energy efficiency part of your sales arsenal.

Sales Coach: 5 Listing Presentation Pitfalls
The pressure’s on! Get tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes that plague practitioners during listing presentations.

Tech Watch: Gadgets Galore
Take a look at the new products set to hit stores this year, promising to make you more productive and better connected from wherever work, or life, takes you.

Quiz: Staging Savvy
You can perform simple home staging techniques once you understand the underlying principles. Take this quiz to learn the cardinal rules.

Editors' Blog: Speaking of Real Estate
New! The magazine’s editors share stories as they’re developing, comment on hot topics in the business, and give you the opportunity to comment and provide input.

Architecture Coach: Perks of Radiant Heating
Heating that emanates from the floor is a big perk for buyers in chilly climates. Find out how radiant heating works and why it’s becoming such a sought-after amenity.

How I Sold It: Seeing Past the Dirt
Your listing’s biggest flaw may be its hidden treasure. A real estate practitioner reveals how he used the dirt trails overshadowing his listing as a selling point.

Watch Your Words
If you’re not careful your advertisements may inadvertently show bias and violate the Fair Housing Act. Even seemingly harmless words can trigger a complaint. Read this exclusive book excerpt.

YPN Lounge: Marketing on a Budget
On the Young Professionals Network blog, find some marketing ideas to fit any type of budget.

Book Blog: 5 Ways to Sell Homes Faster
Author Curt Fletcher reveals ways you can give your home sales a boost in his new book "How to Sell More Homes and Increase Your Income." Read a mini book review and learn some tips that you can start using today to give your sales a jump-start.

January 2008

Check out our new look
Visit our Web site this month to experience the new, easy-to-browse design. Tune into our blogs, read online columns, take quizzes, and find other resources that will propel your career.

Budget Worksheets
Start the new year with a solid financial plan. As part of the Work Smart series, we provide plans you can download to take the guesswork out of budgeting.

Video: Meet the president
After you’ve read all about Richard F. Gaylord’s ambitious plans for 2008, watch the video to gain more insight into the man who will lead NAR in its 100th year.

Sales Coach: Manage Their Expectations
Many of buyers and sellers have unreasonable expectations of the current market. Learn how to communicate the reality of local housing activity.

Quiz: Antitrust
Success in real estate requires cooperation with other brokers and practitioners. But where does cooperation end and antitrust violations begin?

Buyer's Guide: Office Management Software
Make your back office operations sing with the right office management solutions. Size up your offerings to see what software is right for you and your budget.

Architecture Coach: Ballrooms
Ballrooms were standard fare in old Victorian homes. Today’s home owners are giving these versatile spaces a renewed appreciation.

Book Blog: Smart Property Investments in a Soft Market
Making a profit isn’t as simple as it was a few years ago, but it’s far from impossible. If you look outside of your local market and use investment tactics geared to slower markets, there’s still money to be made.

How I Sold It: Shag Carpeting and Old Appliances
The outdated home had been used as a rental for years and was in dire need of updates. Find out how a listing agent used the holiday season to perk up buyer interest and close the deal.

10 Things for Your Tech To-Do List
Stay ahead of the curve in 2008 by putting these tasks in your must-do file. First on the list: Be a bargain hunter. Falling prices on laptops, cameras, and printers make today an opportune time for equipment upgrades.

Educate Your Clients: 3 Signs of Predatory Lending
Your clients always should be on guard for unscrupulous lenders, especially if they belong to one of the groups most often targeted: the elderly, immigrants, minorities, and those with low credit scores.

December 2007

Get Networking! Tips and Scripts for Holiday Parties
It’s the season for mingling. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal soiree, holiday events are a prime time to reconnect with customers and build new business. Experts tell you how to do it right.

A Pencil and Paper or a PDA?
The latest tech tools can boost productivity, but are they always the best solution? Experts share tips for determining when it’s better to take the low-tech route.

Browse the Multimedia Collection
Slideshows, audio interviews, and videos galore. Check out REALTORŪ Magazine Online’s new library of interactive features, where you can see and hear tips that will help you grow your career.

New Year’s Resolutions Every Practitioner Should Make
It may be hard to believe, but 2008 is right around the corner. Start the year with fresh ideas on being organized, following up with clients, and reaching your sales goals.

Architecture Coach: High-tech Homes
From advanced intercom systems to motorized window treatments, today’s cutting-edge homes are starting to think on their own. Learn about the latest gadgets and trends.

Weekly Book Scan
Don’t have time to read all of the latest real estate books? Don’t worry, because we’ve already done the work! Visit our book blog for tips from hot titles and author chats.

Cost vs. Value Report
Educate your clients on what the most popular remodeling projects recoup at resale. Find out how to get free copies of the Cost vs. Value data you read in this month’s magazine.

Mr. Internet: E-recruiting
Your Web site isn’t being judged only by consumers, but also by practitioners who may be looking for a new place to hang their license. Learn how you can use the Web to bolster recruiting efforts.

November 2007

Video: Good Neighbors in Action
The 2007 Good Neighbor Award winners are an inspiration to us all. But to fully understand the impact they're making in their communities, you've got to see them at work. You'll be moved by short videos that capture their spirit and passion.

Slideshow: Holiday Gifts They’ll Remember
Avoid last-minute shopping nightmares by making a gift-buying plan before you head to the mall. For ideas, check out our slideshow of unique (and affordable) presents that’ll impress your most valued clients and colleagues.

Seven Surprising Reasons to Volunteer
Your work schedule is crazy and free time is hard to come by — so why start volunteering now? We reveal unexpected ways volunteering can boost your business and personal life, not to mention your community.

Tax Surprise After the Short Sale
Too often, real estate practitioners are unaware of the tax liabilities their clients face after the short sale is finished and debt is forgiven. Here’s what you need to know.

Book Blog: Finding Foreclosures
Tune in to this week's Weekly Book Scan, where we take a look at a new title that covers the ins and outs of buying foreclosures. Coming next week: A chat with the author.

Customer Service Innovators Answer Your Questions
Need advice on how to bounce back from a customer-service slip up? Read the lively Q&A and then pose your own question to our panel of experts.

Sales Coach: Stop Dreaming, Start Doing
It’s easy to dream big in real estate — a profession with unlimited income potential. Yet, if you never turn those dreams into concrete plans, you’ll be left with only regret.

30 Under 30: Applications Now Accepted
Are you a rising star? Use our online form to tell us about your marketing ingenuity, leadership, and selling success. Winners will be featured in the June 2008 issue of REALTORŪ Magazine.

In the Trenches: Funny Job Stories
Sellers hiding in closets, practitioners sinking into trouble, and a painful open house lesson — read some of these hilarious adventures in real estate. Then, don’t forget to share your own funny story!

Book Excerpt: Why You Need a Portfolio
You can build trust and confidence with your clients by having a portfolio of your professional accomplishments. How do you create one? Read a book excerpt by Carla Cross, CRB, from the pages of "Up and Running in 30 Days: A Proven Plan for Financial Success in Real Estate."

Mr. Internet: Use the Web as a Recruiting Tool
The best way to grab the attention of rising stars and seasoned agents is through the Web. Learn how you can use it as a recruiting tool so that you can convince good practitioners to take the leap and join your brokerage.

October 2007

Inside the Mind of Generation Y
Gen Y is the largest U.S. age group since the baby boom, and its impact on the housing market will be unmistakable. Find out how to cater to these young and savvy consumers, with tips from echo boomers themselves.

Quiz: Buyers’ Favorite Features
What do buyers want most? Walk-in closets? Central air? Two-car garages? Take our new quiz, with data culled from extensive research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSŪ, to learn about buyers’ top preferences.

What You Can Learn from Other Industries
Broaden your mind with great ideas being used in other fields — hospitality, retail, and more — to build strong brands, create customer loyalty, and provide top-notch service.

Craft Your Conference Schedule
There are no limits to what you can learn at the 2007 REALTORSŪ Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. Use the online event planner to browse the vast array of sessions and create a handy printable schedule.

Architecture Coach: Fireplaces
Warm up with sensible tips on how to market your listings’ fireplaces. Learn the correct vocabulary, the different styles, and what fireplaces reveal about a home’s architecture.

Sales Coach: Do Something Different
If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. Here are some strategies for breaking out of your mold and trying new ways to get the job done.

Stage a House Using Feng Shui
Do your listings need some chi? Check out the Weekly Book Scan’s latest featured book — “Sell Your Home With Feng Shui” (AuthorHouse, 2007) — and learn how you can stage a house using this ancient Chinese technique of placement.

Selling Luxury: Secrets to Success
Three top-producing practitioners who specialize in the luxury market share the tips that helped grow their careers and win them business.

September 2007

Defensive Behavior: Safety Tips Just for You
REALTORŪ Safety Week is Sept. 9–15, reminding us that real estate can be a dangerous job. Experts offer tips and simple self-defense strategies for situations that can arise when you’re working at the office, at home, or in the field.

How to Hold a Winning Seminar
Plan every detail with confidence. Learn how to choose a seminar topic that attracts your target audience, orchestrate an energetic event, and build your reputation as an expert in your market.

Ask the Marketing Innovators
With the advent of social media and smart search engines, old-fashioned marketing tactics are losing relevance. We’ve pulled together some of the brightest minds in marketing to answer questions on how to deliver targeted messages that boost business.

More Creative Ways to Spend $1,000
Our readers’ prove you don’t need to spend a fortune to get big results. After you read this month’s print magazine feature (“Your best $1,000 investment”), discover more inspiring ideas and photos.

New look: Magazine Archives
Visit REALTORŪ Magazine’s extensive collection of past articles for selling tips, company profiles, and more. The fresh design makes it easy to browse for what you want.

Earn Celebrity Status
Do you get recognized by strangers? You may need to beef up your local star power. Read tips from Get Slightly Famous (Bay Tree Publishing, 2007), which tells how to use the power of fame to build business.

In the Trenches
Lighten up a stressful day with a little laughter. Read the hilarious on-the-job adventures of your peers, and then submit your own funny tales.

Log Home Living
From simple rustic retreats, to high-tech modern homes, log construction continues to be popular today with a loyal segment of home buyers. Find out what types of log homes are on the market and what features to look for.

August 2007

Quiz Yourself: Foreclosures
Before you jump into the hot foreclosure market, test your knowledge to make sure you’re not getting in over your head. Our new interactive quiz will clear up popular misconceptions and help you avoid common foreclosure mistakes.

Step-by-Step Blogging
Only 4 percent of REALTORSŪ have a blog, according to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSŪ. What are you waiting for? Learn how to get your blog up and running — and generating business.

Architecture Coach: Universally Appealing
Universal design elements such as wide doorways, rocker switches, and decorative grab bars are popular with buyers of all ages and ensure that guests of all abilities can seamlessly navigate the home.

Sales Coach: Speak Without Words
To be an expert communicator, you must learn to read nonverbal clues and “talk” through your body language. These subtle indicators can shape the outcome of negotiations and client relationships.

Mr. Internet: Create Irresistible Offers
One surefire way to get prospects to interact with your Web site: Craft appealing offers that will set you apart from the competition.

Book Blog: How to Stay Out of Court
Get tips from The No Lawsuit Guide to Real Estate Transactions (McGraw-Hill, 2007), a new book that explains how to handle the risky situations that arise throughout a transaction.

In the Trenches: Working with Pirates
Snakes on a house and clients dressed as pirates — it’s all in a day’s work. Read submissions of funny on-the-job experiences and then take a minute to share your funny story with us!

Book Excerpt: Budgeting Tips for Rookies
If you’re new to real estate, you need to make your dollars stretch. But how much should you plan to spend? See a sample budget and get financing tips in this month’s exclusive book excerpt.

July 2007

Video: Home Staging in Action
Read the article and see the footage. Three real estate practitioners use their staging savvy to transform challenging rooms into stellar spaces. Watch the videos to learn how they did it.

New on the Green Scene: 15 Trends
The latest environmentally friendly home features aren’t just good for the planet — they look great and are a huge draw for conscientious buyers. Learn about the hot new trends, from reclaimed wood countertops to copper roofs.

Sales Coach: Come Back from Burnout
The constant demands of the business can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. But some simple steps will help you relax, get motivated, and renew your energy level.

How I Sold It: Atlanta Investment Gem
What if the property that’s perfect for your client isn’t for sale? Find out how a luxury broker from Georgia persuaded the owner of an impressive property to sell for a cool $9 million.

Architecture Coach: Add Luxury to the Bathroom
Improve the bathroom, and you also may improve the odds that a buyer will fall in love with the home. Experts bring you up-to-date on new products and styles that add a touch of luxury to this essential room.

The Weekly Book Scan
We give you the scoop on new real estate titles so that you can decide which ones are worth reading. Weekly blog entries also include lively author Q&As and tips straight from the book.

Short Sales 101
Are you prepared to help sellers who owe more than their property is worth? If you have patience, persistence, and a knack for problem solving, this niche could be for you.

In the Trenches
What’s your funniest on-the-job experience? Take a minute to share your story with us, and then catch up on the hilarious adventures of your peers.

Book Excerpt: Write Letters That Open Doors
Getting prospects to read your letters is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. One tip: Be careful with color and texture. For more tips, check out this month’s exclusive book excerpt from Power Real Estate Letters.

June 2007

30 Under 30: Lights, Camera, Action!
Check out snapshots of this year's rising stars. But first, go behind the scenes of the magazine’s cover photo shoot with our exclusive video presentation.

Talk to the Tech Innovators
Innovators from this month’s roundtable continue their lively discussion online and answer your burning technology questions. Tune in to find out how tech is transforming the business — and how you can keep up.

Real Estate Inventors: Why Didn’t I Think of That?
Ever had an idea for a new product or tool that would make your job easier? Did you do anything about it? Get inspired by the stories of real estate practitioners who turned great ideas into money-making inventions.

How to Succeed at Short Sales
You’re so happy you got the listing — at least until the sellers inform you the price you’re suggesting based on your careful CMA just isn’t enough. Why? They owe more than that on their mortgage and home equity loans. Welcome to the world of short sales.

Sales Coach: The Right Way to Ask for Feedback
If you’re not asking clients for feedback, you’re missing out on valuable information that could make or break your career. Find out what to ask and how to ask it to ensure you’re learning something new from every transaction.

Architecture Coach: Kitchen Design Trends
Learn what’s cooking in the room that so many buyers consider to be the most important part of the house. Among the hot trends: fast-cooking ovens and just about anything “green.”

The Weekly Book Scan: Flipping Confidential
Get tips from the new book "Flipping Confidential" (Wiley, 2007), and then listen to a Q&A podcast with the author, Kirsten Kemp, host of TLC’s “Property Ladder.”

Quiz Yourself!
Set some time aside this month to visit REALTORŪ Magazine Online’s collection of more than two dozen interactive quizzes. Topics range from etiquette and office organization to 1031 exchanges.

In the Trenches: Share Your Funny Stories
What’s your funniest on-the-job experience? Take a minute to share your story with us, and then catch up on the hilarious adventures of your peers.

Book Excerpt: How’s Your Real Estate Math?
When you’re helping clients navigate one of the most important financial decisions of their life, you must be confident dealing with numbers. Take this quick test to measure your skills.

May 2007

Slideshow: New Landscapes
Take a look at the backyard landscaping trends that will be popping up this summer — from low-maintenance water gardens to weatherproof televisions.

Refine Your Marketing: What Your Ads Say About You
Do your advertisements need a makeover? We asked consumers and a marketing expert to critique actual marketing materials from our readers. Here's what they said.

Debut: The Weekly Book Scan
Be the first to know about new books that could propel your career. Our new blog delivers weekly reviews, business tips, and author Q&As. This week: Columnist Edith Lank shares consumers’ craziest questions.

Mr. Internet: Embracing Online Leads
You know what you're supposed to be doing to convert online leads into new business, but are you actually doing it? Get pointers on streamlining your conversion process.

Architecture Coach: Cozy Cape Cods
They’re simple, symmetrical, and so sought-after. In this month’s Architecture Coach column, learn about the history of Cape Cod homes and how to identify one.

In the Trenches: Share Your Funny Stories
Ever have a bad day that just wouldn’t end? Commiserate with one practitioner who managed to get chased by a dog, run out of gas, and get lost driving to a showing — all in one day.

Book Excerpt: Have What It Takes to Be an Inspector?
The businesses of selling homes and inspecting homes share some qualities. If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to become an inspector, here’s your answer.

April 2007

Are You Ready for an Assistant?
Hiring a personal assistant takes planning, from creating a detailed job description to analyzing your budget. Take this interactive quiz to find out whether you’ve considered all the important factors involved in bringing on a helper.

Slideshow: Unusual Properties
Every home is unique, but some are downright strange. Take a look at some of the oddest homes to hit the market recently. Practitioners share photos and stories of their unusual listings.

The Ins and Outs of E&O: Reduce Your Risk
Lawsuits are all too common in real estate. Get tips on choosing a reputable errors & omissions insurance carrier, learn what to look for in a policy, and how you can cut the premium bite.

Fair Housing Month: 8 Violations to Avoid
Read these real-life examples of fair housing violations to ensure that you don't accidentally break the law. After all, courts have ruled that a violation can be proven even if there was no intent to discriminate.

Book Excerpt: Dos and Don’ts of Great Real Estate Ads
Get the most bang for your buck by advertising listings that represent various price ranges and property types. A few ads could cover your entire inventory.

March 2007

Slideshow: Home Office on a Budget
View a slideshow of simple and inexpensive enhancements that will make you look forward to spending time in your home office and help you get more done. From technology to decor, we highlight improvements that make a difference.

5 Everyday Ethical Dilemmas
The REALTORŪ Code of Ethics sets rigorous guidelines, but some situations can confound even the most moral of minds. Ethics experts provide tips on how to respond to some top dilemmas.

Blog With Experts: Brokerage Innovations
The brokerage innovators who participated in this month’s roundtable “Brokers: Consumers in charge” continue their discussion on the business’s future and take your questions. Join the conversation.

Download the Lists
Can’t get enough of this year’s list issue? Visit our Web site to download all the lists plus bonus lists in an attractive and easy-to-read format you can keep all year long.

Book Excerpt: What's in a Name?
The name you choose for your real estate company should tell prospects who you are and why they should work with you. Here are some different approaches you can take when picking your name.

February 2007

4 Commission Scripts
Know how to respond when clients ask you to cut your commission. Experts provide conversational scripts that will prepare you for the next time you’re confronted with tough questions.

Expand What You Do: Staging, Auctions, and More
Keep your business running at full speed in a changing market by branching out into new business segments. We explore a number of promising careers from appraisal to home staging that you can pursue without giving up real estate sales.

Quiz: Listing Presentations
Your goal is to outshine the competition and convince sellers that you’ll shepherd their transaction to a satisfying close. Do you have what it takes to make a winning presentation? Take our quiz to find out.

Audio: Thriving in Shifting Markets
Listen in as the author of this month’s REALTORŪ Magazine cover story shares exclusive insights into ramping up business in a slower-paced market.

Book Excerpt: Choosing the Right Words
For your real estate ads and marketing materials to work, your words must strike a chord with prospects who interpret information through their eyes, ears, and emotions.

January 2007

Are You Saving Enough?
Start off the year with financial discipline. Experts share saving tips and spending guidelines to help you ensure there’s enough money in the bank to keep business running smoothly, even if a deal falls through.

Buyers Who Go It Alone
They’re like FSBOs in reverse. Buyers who decide not to work with a real estate professional often assume they’ll get a better deal. Learn what you can say to change their minds.

What’s Web 2.0?
It seems that everyone’s talking about Web 2.0, the next generation of Web tools and services. What does it mean for your online strategy? Mr. Internet explains how you can keep up with customers’ evolving expectations.

Quiz: 1031 Exchanges
Help sellers preserve their wealth and invest tax savings in a new property. Take this interactive quiz to improve your understanding of tax-deferred exchanges, and possibly open the door to a new niche.

Book Excerpt: Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate
Thinking of branching out into the commercial sector? Learn what it takes to get started and what kind of income potential awaits you.

December 2006

Real Estate Trivia Quiz: 2006 in Review
Did 2006 go by in a blur? Take our interactive quiz to catch up on what you’ve missed or to remind yourself about the real estate news and events that shaped the year. From real estate reality TV shows to interest rate hikes, here’s a chance to look back.

Business Etiquette for the Holidays
This festive time of year offers plenty of chances to network, touch base with past clients, and show your appreciation with gifts to clients and colleagues. Use these etiquette tips to stay true to the holiday spirit while building your business.

Meet NAR’s New President
Get an inside look at the New Orleans inaugural of Pat Vredevoogd Combs. Plus learn more about the life and of NAR’s 2007 president and what her plans are for the year ahead.

In the Trenches: No Pain, No Gain
In this month's humor column, practitioners tell how they managed to get business done in spite of fleas, loose deck boards, and flying rubber bands.

How I Sold It: ‘Unusual Properties for Unusual People’
An Arizona agent’s eyes for the unique helps her land a $2.95 million deal and carve a niche within the luxury market.

Book Excerpt: How to Deal With ‘No Hurry’ Clients
If customers are in no hurry to make an offer, you’ll need to key into the negative consequences they perceive as a result of moving forward.

November 2006

Inspired by Good Neighbors? Find Your Volunteer Fit
Now it’s your turn to get involved. Search our database of Good Neighbor Award recipients and honorable mentions to find a volunteer project that fits your interests.

Revamped Architecture Guide: Check Out the New Look
Our redesigned and fully illustrated guide makes it easier than ever to deliver the architectural knowledge that your clients demand. Browse home features, residential styles, and dozens of articles.

The Year’s Noteworthy Court Decisions
Find out how courts ruled in big real estate cases around the country. Read legal judgments and law articles from the past year to find out where courts stand on commission disputes, settlement fees, and more.

How I Sold It: A New York Loft Fit for a Princess
Practitioners who sold the highest-price listing in their MLS explain how they closed the deal and share tips you can use in your market.

Book Excerpt: Working With Friends and Family
It’s time to discuss the dark side of real estate — what really happens when you work with friends and family.

October 2006

Top Time-Management Tricks
Your schedule is laden with listing appointments, open houses, networking events, closings, and business planning tasks — not to mention grocery shopping and taking the kids to soccer practice. Readers divulge secrets for doing it all and still having time to unwind.

Advice for Rookie Convention Goers
It’s not just a convention; it’s a sport. If this is your first year attending the annual REALTORSŪ Conference & Expo, you won’t want to miss this fun, tip-filled article about what to expect.

Working with Buyers: Sharpen Your Skills
Is your local market beginning to favor buyers? Stay at the top of your game with the help of our expansive guide to working with buyers. Learn about buyer psychology and easy ways to add value to the services you provide.

Create Your NARdi Gras Schedule
Browse the vast array of speakers and sessions, select your favorites using the Event Planner, and then print out your personal schedule.

September 2006

Quiz: How Safe Are You?
Sept. 10-16 is REALTORŪ Safety Week. Know how to avoid risky situations and what to do if you’re in danger. Our new interactive Safety Quiz covers a variety of common real estate scenarios.

Your Very Best Prospecting Ideas
We asked, you answered. Online readers share their most effective strategies for finding new clients. Ideas range from classic and clever to downright cute.

Post-Contract Pitfalls to Avoid
After the contract is signed, there’s still much work to be done to ensure a smooth closing. At the recently expanded home buyer and seller section of, learn to sidestep the most common post-contract snags.

How I Sold It: A Villa and Its Contents
Seattle-area superstar paved her path to an $80 million year — including a $7.6 million sale in June — by adopting her father’s strong work ethic and willingness to take risks.

August 2006

Can Higher Powers Sell a Home?
As the market cools, more sellers may take out-of-the-ordinary approaches to attract buyers — from hiring feng shui experts to burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down in their yard. Do these methods really work?

Antitrust Quiz
Take our interactive quiz to make sure you have a solid understanding of federal rules that govern competition and cooperation in the real estate business. Even if you inadvertently break the law, you can face serious penalties.

Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later
Learn how a handful of estimated 40,000 REALTORSŪ who were affected by the hurricane have coped personally and professionally in the year after the storm.

How I Sold It: Marketing a Missouri Manse
St. Louis practitioner Mary Desloge, who shepherded the $3.25 million sale of her brother’s family home, credits her company with giving her the tools and mentoring to succeed.

Educate Consumers on Identity Theft
People often first learn that they’re victims of identity theft while they’re buying a home. A new guide at will help you empower customers to protect their credit and minimize the damage if they’re victimized.

July 2006

Quick Tips From the Top 100 Companies
Reenergize your business plan with this online companion to the “Top 100 Companies” list. Real estate’s most successful companies share practical tips on growing sales, converting leads, and reaching production goals.

Stepping Out on Your Own: 11 Tips for Starting a Business
Turn your dream of starting a real estate company into reality. Hear from practitioners who’ve launched boutique brokerages, opened franchise companies, or created big independents. Learn what factors to consider and what pitfalls to avoid. See July Online Exclusives at our home page.

How to Create an Office Policy Manual
With an easy-to-read office policy manual, your staff and associates know what’s expected of them. Our guide walks you through the process of creating a manual that includes such critical elements as company philosophy and e-mail policy.

June 2006

'30 Under 30': View Photos, Read Bios of 2006 Winners
The results are in! Read all about the rising stars who made this year’s “30 Under 30” list. Our interactive feature includes lots of photos and links to their Web sites.

Where Are They Now? Catch Up With Past ‘30 Under 30’ Winners
Six years ago we named our first class of “30 Under 30.” We bring you up to date on what these young leaders are doing today, and share tips that you can incorporate into your business plan.

Quiz: Test Your Home-Staging Savvy
Prepping a home for sale is no easy task. Should you repaint the walls? Is the furniture mucking up the flow of the room? Take our new quiz to see if you understand the basics of staging.

Mm, Mm Good Open House: Recipes, Serving Ideas
Free appetizers won’t sell a listing on their own, but offering tasty treats at your open house encourages visitors to linger longer and creates a positive atmosphere. We provide quick recipes and tips on serving food.

May 2006

Virtual Tour Options That Add Pizzazz
Quiet on the set! Find out about the latest offerings in virtual and video tour technology, along with tips for making your listings shine on camera.

Behind the Garage Door
If sellers are using their garage for junk storage, they’re missing a valuable opportunity to appeal to potential buyers. Learn how to help clients turn their garage into a major selling point.

Virtual Library eBooks Collection
Check out NAR’s new collection of electronic and audio books, free to members. Download eBooks to your computer or handheld device, or download digital audio versions for on-the-road listening.

April 2006

New Quiz: Do-Not-Fax Rules
Do your marketing practices comply with the federal Junk Fax Prevention Act? If not, you could land yourself in legal trouble. Take our interactive quiz to learn how the law affects your business.

Meet the Splitters
They alternate between two homes throughout the year, sometimes commuting weekly to properties in different states. No, these aren’t your average second-home owners — and they may already be in your market.

Test Your Fair Housing Knowledge
Do you know how to respond if a customer asks you about the racial makeup of a neighborhood? Are you confident that your real estate ads don’t break the law? Brush up on fair housing with our online quiz.

Marketing Your Brokerage
Make sure they know you exist. This resource section includes dozens of creative tips and articles for enhancing your brokerage’s brand through advertising, public relations, and customer service.

March 2006

How-to Guide: Working With Personal Assistants
Boost your productivity with the help of a personal assistant. We provide the tools you need to hire, manage, and retain the best assistant for your business. Read tip-filled articles and access useful Web sites.

Quiz Yourself on the REALTORŪ Trademark
The term REALTORŪ sets you apart from nonmember real estate licensees. But are you using the trademark properly? Our new quiz helps you say “REALTORŪ” with confidence.

Rising to Market Challenges
Your success in real estate hinges on your ability to manage challenging situations. Experts share tips on handling multiple offers, selling stigmatized properties, and tackling other tricky scenarios.

Become a Masterful Negotiator
Need to brush up on your deal-making skills? Visit our in-depth negotiations resource for tips on answering objections, presenting a counteroffer, and perfecting the art of give and take.

February 2006

Video: Listing Face-Off
Watch video clips of three listing presentations and listen to what consumers say they like and dislike about each one. The lessons you learn could help you cinch the listing at your next face-to-face with prospective clients.

Finding Success in the Condo Craze
The expanding condominium market has introduced more practitioners to the unique challenges of buying and selling in this niche. Here, experts explain the different condo options available to buyers and help sellers prepare for sale.

Handouts for Consumers
Solidify your image as a knowledgeable real estate professional by giving prospects and clients these tip-filled handouts on topics ranging from home owners’ insurance to packing for a move. They’re available in Spanish, too.

January 2006

Audio: Tom Stevens on the Year Ahead
NAR’s new president discusses his plans for 2006 and shares his thoughts on real estate’s future. Hear excerpts from this exclusive interview with the click of a button.

Value-Range Marketing Takes Hold
Rather than setting a fixed listing price, practitioners in some parts of the country are marketing a price range. Proponents say the approach attracts a wider array of potential buyers and nets better offers.

Childhood Stories That Shaped Your Career
Maybe it’s a favorite story, a family wisdom, or a first-hand experience. Stories that sink in when you’re young often shape the way you do business as an adult. Practitioners share their favorites.

December 2005

Expanded ‘Cost vs. Value’
How much do popular remodeling projects recoup on resale in your region? Find out in this expanded version of the “2005 Cost vs. Value Report.” Take a look at all 18 projects, get reprint ordering information, and learn how to participate in next year’s survey.

Take Our New CAN-SPAM Quiz
If you use — or plan to use — e-mail as a marketing tool, you’d be smart to take our interactive quiz on the federal CAN-SPAM Act. Learn the rules of compliance to reduce your liability and avoid steep fines.

Don’t Let Tiny Closets Shut Out Buyers
Experts in home staging and closet organization share their best tips on how to make the most of sparse storage space — a common problem in older homes and urban condos.

Judgments Online
The sellers of a home didn’t tell the buyer about every instance that the property flooded, and the buyer later filed a lawsuit. Are the sellers liable? Find out what a California court decided, and read about other cases.

November 2005

Get to Know NAR’s New CEO
Halfway through his 24-year career with NAR, Dale Stinton had a revelation. “I realized it was more than just a job, and that I loved the REALTORŪ organization,” he says. Learn more about the new CEO, including his vision for the association and his softer side.

Good Neighbors Reunion
Past winners of our annual Good Neighbor Awards program are still making big contributions to their local and global communities. We check in with a few of the exceptional volunteers to learn about their latest projects.

What’s RSS and How Can It Help Me?
A technology called really simple syndication, or RSS, is changing the way real estate practitioners distribute listings and communicate with clients. We’ll tell you what it is and why it may be time to jump on board.

Learn to Lead
Whether you own a real estate brokerage or head up a sales team, you’ll want to check out this online resource for growing your leadership skills. Get tips on providing feedback, managing stress, delegating tasks, and more.

Judgments Online
A salesperson recommends an inspector who fails to find a major problem with the septic system, and the buyer sues. Find out how a New Jersey court responds. Plus, more.

October 2005

Build Your NAR Conference Schedule
Use the improved online event planner to create an action-packed schedule for the REALTORSŪ Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Oct. 28-31.

Make Any Room Look Bigger
Smart staging tips will help you make the most of any small room. Designers and home stagers offer their best tips for showing off the best features of every room in a house.

Retaining Top Personnel
Our online resource has all the tools you need to build a successful and motivated team of salespeople. Find tips on hiring, goal setting, creating office policy manuals, and much more.

In the Trenches
In this month’s humor column, we learn what happens after a real estate salesperson uses the “doggy door” to enter a locked home, Plus more.

Judgments Online
A college student files suit after he discovers that the two-bedroom apartment he rented only has one bedroom. See what New Hampshire's highest court ruled on the case.

We tell you who’s on the move and which real estate offices are expanding in your area. Then, use our online form to submit your own company news on promotions, new service offerings, and more.

September 2005

Top Legal Cases: Know Your Risks
Learn which legal issues saw the biggest jumps in lawsuits over the last two years so that you can protect yourself from future liability.

What Life Coaches Can Teach You
Learn why many real estate practitioners are turning to a life coach to reach their professional goals and achieve greater fulfillment in life.

Digital Safety: Technology to the Rescue
As part of our REALTORŪ Safety Week coverage, we show you how the technology tools you use every day can come in handy during an emergency.

2005 Top Performer Diaries: Final Installment
The culmination of the eight-month series, our three top performers teach you how mastering marketing basics and doggedly pursuing listings are the keys to getting to the top — and staying there.
Rookies Work More, Earn Less
Special data from the 2005 Member Survey shows that an influx of new licensees are skewing earnings data for those who have been working in real estate for less than two years. But rookies are working harder and are optimistic about the future.

Judgments Online
A salesperson posts a for-sale sign on the wrong property, and the land owner files suit. Find out what a Louisiana court had to say about it. Plus more.

We tell you who’s on the move and which real estate offices are expanding in your area. Then, use our online form to submit your own company news on promotions, new service offerings, and more.

August 2005

In a climate of stepped-up regulatory enforcement, make sure you understand how to comply with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. Test your RESPA knowledge now with our new interactive quiz.

Spot Landscaping Red Flags
When you know what to look for, you can help buyers recognize potential landscaping problems before the sale closes. Learn how to call attention to trouble spots without opening yourself to liability.

Servicing Your Multicultural Clients
Maximize your ability to serve the housing market’s fastest-growing consumer base with information from our expanded online resource.

2005 Top Performer Diaries
In the seventh month of our series, our top performers explain how they keep sales volume high even when listings are in short supply.

In the Trenches
In this month’s humor column, we hear about a seller’s unusual strategy to get rid of termites and learn how an eager sales associate’s efforts to clear up a bad smell backfired. Plus more.

Judgments Online
Learn more about the U.S. Supreme Court’s eminent domain decision, and find out why a Utah court ruled that a commercial real estate brokerage could collect commission for a lease renewal that happened after its “protection” period with the building owner ended.

Find out who’s on the move and which real estate offices are expanding in your area. Our column makes it easy for you to catch up on what’s happening: company expansions, promotions and new hires, and new service offerings.

July 2005

Mortgage Matchmaker
With the explosion of loan options, it’s become increasingly challenging to keep up on the newest mortgages. While your job as a real estate professional doesn’t require you to help your buyers get financing, clients often look to you for guidance on their mortgage options, including matching them with a mortgage broker.

Earnings on the Upswing
Your income went up in 2004 along with the boom in home sales, data from the soon-to-be-released 2005 NAR Member Profile shows. Median gross personal income last year for all REALTORSŪ was up an average 7.2 percent from the last year that the data was tracked, in 2002. That increase is just 2 percentage points below the rise in existing-home sales for the period, which stood at 9.4 percent.

2005 Top Performer Diaries
In the sixth month of the series, our three top performers make time to enjoy the summer while also maintaining sizzling sales volume. Find out how they continue to drum up listings in a tight listing market, train team members to step up production, and maintain high customer service standards.

In the Trenches
In this month's humor column, practitioners share their memorable encounters of the nonhuman kind and a client makes an unusual request.

Judgments Online
A Georgia appellate court has ruled that although a seller’s dog attacked potential buyers during a showing, the real estate professionals involved had no reason to know that the dog posed a threat to potential buyers. Plus more.

Find out who’s on the move and which real estate offices are expanding in your area. Our column makes it easy for you to catch up on what’s happening: promotions, new hires, office expansions, and new service offerings.

June 2005

VOW Update
To resolve a dispute with the U.S. Department of Justice over its Virtual office Web site (VOW) policy, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSŪ has authorized its leadership to develop a single, uniform policy governing the display of all Multiple Listing Service data on Web sites.

Federal Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Quiz
How much do you know about federal lead-based paint regulations? And what they require in sales and lease transactions? Take our quiz to learn more about this important topic.

California’s Affordability Crisis
Seven of the country’s top 10 most expensive markets are in the Golden State, pricing homeownership out of reach for most Californians. We explore the state’s housing market, including some still-affordable areas.

Have a Successful Career and Still Have a Life
Practitioners say managing your priorities is the key to spending more time with family and friends — and maintaining your profitability.

REALTORŪ Hired as Trump's New Apprentice
Kendra Todd, one of REALTORŪ Magazine’s “30 Under 30” this month, becomes the first woman and real estate professional to win a job with Donald Trump on his reality TV show.

2005 Top Performer Diaries
Our three top performers are growing their business, expanding their teams, and closing deals. We track their successes in the fourth month of our series.

In the Trenches
In this month’s humor column, a past client is mistaken for a kidnapper, a broker gets trapped in the bathroom during an open house, and a home showing gets expensive when the buyer’s brother puts a hole through the ceiling.

Judgments Online
A New York court refuses to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a buyer who discovered a bat colony in the attic of his new home. REALTORSŪ in Iowa win an injunction against a FSBO Web site that doesn’t hold a real estate license. Plus more.

Find out who’s on the move and which real estate offices are expanding in your area. Our revamped “Newsmakers” column makes it easy for you to catch up on what’s happening: promotions, new hires, and innovations.

May 2005

Fighting the Rejection Trap
You can’t win all the time, especially when the competition is so fierce. Learn to stay focused — and positive — even when you lose a deal.

The Profitable Way to Say No
Carving out time for your personal life means setting boundaries with clients. Learn ways to discuss thorny issues, such as not working on Sundays, without losing their business.

60 Days in Indonesia
A sales associate from Jacksonville, Fla., returns home after spending 60 days on a volunteer mission to Banda Aceh, Indonesia, to help the victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami. Her e-mails document the experience.

2005 Top Performer Diaries
In the fourth month of the series, our three top performers see brisk volume despite a shortage of listings, which forces them to adjust their marketing techniques to bring in more listings and increase their buyer conversion rates. They also continue to face challenges with growing their staff and training them in the kind of customer service that will turn them into winners.

In the Trenches
Need a good laugh? In this month’s column, a salesperson aims for the Mercedes of lead generation, an associate broker learns not to wear stilettos during showings, another associate broker rebuts a client’s demand for a closing gift, and a buyer enjoys a view that his wife doesn’t quite appreciate.

Judgments Online
A Texas court rules that oral changes to a commission agreement aren’t enforceable. And a California court finds that distracted city council members at a zoning review hearing may have deprived a property owner of due process.

Find out who’s on the move and which real estate offices are expanding in your area. Our revamped “Newsmakers” column makes it easy for you to catch up on what’s happening: promotions, new hires, and innovations.

April 2005

How to Reach the Immigrant Home Buyer
Immigrants are an increasingly powerful force in the U.S. housing market, and real estate practitioners have taken notice. Find out how your peers are serving this growing niche.

Real Estate Wishes and Billionaire Dreams
Need a shot of inspiration to reach your real estate goals? We take a look at Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the world’s richest people and zero in on those who made their wealth in real estate. Find out who these real estate billionaires are and what they all have in common.

Build a Better Web Site
We’ve collected the information you need to create the most effective Web site for your business, whether you’re just starting an online presence or you’re an Internet veteran.

Valuable Resources for Disabled Clients
Our new online resource is full of information to help your disabled clients successfully buy or sell a home. Read about the array of programs in place across the country, and find out what's offered in your state.

2005 Top Performer Diaries
In the third month of the series, our three top performers see sales activity picking up in their markets and work hard to meet the increasing demands of their staff, their team, or their clients.

In the Trenches
Need a good laugh? In this month’s humor column, a salesperson is surprised when asked to greet his client’s deceased dad, and a practitioner sees a bit too much skin after opening the door to a rental unit. Read these funny stories and more.

Judgments Online
In Illinois, a family gets to keep its property and a builder loses out after a court decided that the terms of a right of first refusal were too vague. And a Connecticut court rules that a real estate licensee breached his fiduciary duty by failing to release escrow funds.

Fair Housing Quiz
Observe Fair Housing Month this April by taking our online quiz and brushing up on fair housing issues that affect your business.

Find out who’s on the move and which real estate offices are expanding in your area. Our revamped “Newsmakers” column makes it easy for you to catch up on what’s happening: promotions, new hires, and innovations.

March 2005

Service Please
What does it mean to provide top-notch customer service? Learn the secrets from practitioners who see their work pay off through repeat business and referrals.

2005 Top Performer Diaries
In the past month, our top performers racked up sales while tackling appraisal problems, accountability issues, and hiring challenges. Read in their own words how our three top performers get deals done in this second installment of the series.

Judgments Online
A Louisiana court rules that a brokerage is entitled to a commission under a lease agreement even after the property is destroyed by fire. And in Connecticut, a salesperson is found liable for not getting a complete inspection of a well on a property her clients purchased.

In the Trenches
In our monthly humor column, a salesperson in Texas impresses clients when she helps a seller get dressed for a night out, and practitioners in Virginia relay stories about some watery lessons learned in the field.

Ethics Quiz
NAR’s Code of Ethics sets you apart from non-REALTORŪ licensees. You just finished your quadrennial ethics training, but how much do you really know or remember about the Code? Test your knowledge by taking our Ethics Quiz.

February 2005

90 Days to Real Estate Success: A Week-by-Week Guide
You can begin today on the path to success. In a supplement to the REALTORŪ Magazine feature "90 Days to Real Estate Success," we provide a more detailed plan to jump start your career.

2005 Top Performer Diaries
Learn from the best. In our new series, we follow the careers of practitioners who are at the top of their game — dazzling clients and exceeding goals. Find out how they do it and get tips you can use now to boost your business.

Use 1031 Exchanges to Close More Deals
Savvy real estate professionals explain how they've used this investment instrument to attract new clients and expand their business.

National Do-Not-Call Registry Quiz
It's been more than a year since real estate practitioners were forced to change their cold-calling practices or face big fines. Test your knowledge of this hot issue, and see whether your methods for finding customers comply with the rules.

Judgments Online
A California judge says real estate practitioners should be held liable for interfering with a rent-control ordinance. And in Rhode Island, a buyer's financing falls through but the seller must complete the transaction because there was no "time is of the essence" clause in the contract.

In the Trenches
In our monthly humor column, a salesperson in Virginia gets an eyeful during a home preview, a broker in New York has a "lost in translation" moment, and a broker in West Virginia shares an "interesting" money tale.

January 2005

Budgeting and Money Management 101
How you deal with the unpredictability of getting paid in real estate — and how you spend that money — can determine your success.

Don't Let Fear Derail Your Success
Sleepless nights over the thought of meeting new clients? Fear not. These practical solutions help take some of the anxiety out of the business of selling real estate.

Judgments Online
A federal court in Maine ruled that a real estate broker is entitled to a commission if a jury decides the seller prevented a closing after the broker found a ready, willing, and able buyer. Plus more.

In the Trenches: The Caravan Circa 1963
In our monthly humor column, a retired broker remembers his prankster brother and a listing in 1963 that he will never forget.

December 2004

How to Market a Unique Home
Your most noteworthy listing may also be your most challenging one. How do you market a property that's one of a kind? Expert practitioners suggest some unconventional strategies.

Judgments Online
Iowa’s highest court ruled that a relocation company is not liable when a home’s sellers fail to disclose flooding problems on the property, and a federal appellate court ruled that an insurance company improperly denied coverage on a claim submitted by a real estate brokerage.

November 2004

Be a 'Good Neighbor'
Read the inspiring stories of the 2004 REALTORŪ Magazine Good Neighbor Award winners — tireless supporters of abused children, at-risk women, and fire victims, among other causes — and five honorable mentions.

Brokers Adapt to Life With Gen X
An influx of 20- and 30-somethings into the industry has encouraged brokers to offer training programs and services especially for these rookies. Learn what some brokers are doing to recruit and retain the new generation of practitioners.

October 2004

Build Your NAR Conference Schedule
Use this handy online planner to map out your schedule for the 2004 REALTORSŪ Conference & Expo this November in Orlando.

Guerrillas in the Marketplace
No, you don’t have to dress in a chicken suit to be a guerilla marketer. Learn how this unconventional approach to marketing packs a punch without hurting the pocketbook.

September 2004

REALTORŪ Safety Week Resources
REALTORŪ Magazine Online offers dozens of articles to help you work with peace of mind. Start with this month’s two special safety features.

Stop Violent Crime On the Job
Real estate sales can bring daily safety threats. Are you doing everything you can to steer clear of crime? As illustrated by stories from practitioners who survived violent crimes — and the family and friends of those who weren’t as fortunate — it’s clear that safety is an issue that simply can’t be ignored.

How Your Car Can Keep You Safe
A number of breakthrough safety features, from electronic tire pressure monitors to camera systems that eliminate blind spots, will hit the road in 2005. Some reduce the likelihood of an accident; others improve your odds of surviving one.

August 2004

Servicing Your Multicultural Clients
The U.S. Census Bureau projects that minorities will comprise nearly half of the U.S. Population by 2050. Our new resource page — chock full of information about working with multicultural buyers and sellers — will help you tap this burgeoning niche.

Final Chapter: 2004 Rookie Diary
You’ve followed our three rookies through their sales successes, challenges, and disappointments. Read this final installment to hear what they’ve learned and see where their careers are taking them.

It's Not Easy Being Green
Veteran practitioners recall the gaffes and hard knocks they experienced early in their career and share what those trials taught them.

July 2004

Rewards of Historical Preservation
Hear from practitioners who’ve found success selling historical homes, and learn how you can break into this niche.

Practitioner Goes Extra Mile
Todd Comer of Coldwell Banker United, REALTORSŪ, spent 13 months overcoming obstacles to help a disabled man buy and remodel a home.

Expanded ‘Top Companies’ List
See the ranking of the nearly 300 brokerages that responded to our Top 100 Companies survey.

2004 Rookie Diary
In the sixth month of the series, the rookies experience the challenges of having both sides of a transaction, listing, and selling in an age-restricted community. In addition, their brokers share their thoughts about the rookies’ progress.

Judgments Online
A North Carolina appellate court determined that because two commercial licensees had a business agreement on a commission split, whether or not one of the brokers was a procuring cause in the sale was not the deciding factor on whether he should receive a commission.

June 2004

The Changing Face of Homeownership
The U.S. Census Bureau projects that minorities will comprise nearly half of the U.S. population by 2050. If you don’t know how to service the unique needs of multicultural clients, you may be positioning yourself out of a job.

The Responsible Buyer and Seller
What better way to celebrate National Homeownership Month than by helping facilitate a quick, painless sale? Give your buyers and sellers this handy article so that they understand their responsibilities for helping transactions proceed smoothly.

WW II Vets Share Service Pride
After the opening of the long-awaited World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., real estate professionals who served in the war reflect on their contributions.

Building Better Communities
Whether it’s making affordable housing a priority, creating a city hallmark, or revitalizing a downtown, cities across the country are tackling the challenges of making their communities more livable.

2004 Rookie Diary, Part 5
In the fifth month of the series, the rookies up their work pace during the busy selling season.

Judgments Online
Mississippi's highest court has ruled that a buyer's representative was not entitled to a commission from her client when the client backed out of a transaction just before the scheduled closing date. Plus more.

May 2004

Keep ’Em Coming Back
Which online features will make consumers return to your Web site again and again? Find out what makes a site “sticky” from practitioners who’ve created a successful online presence. Plus, 9 Ways to Make Your Web Site 'Stick'

Optimize Your Web Site for Search Engines
Knowing how to position your Web site with some of the most popular search engines will help you reach consumers.

Judgments Online
Appeals Court rules Do-Not-Call Registry is constitutional. Plus more.

2004 Rookie Diary, Part 4
In the fourth month of the series, the rookies tackle relocations, incorporation and business partners, and deals that fall through.

April 2004

How I Found My Niche
Real estate practitioners share their stories of how their personal interests bring focus to their real estate sales business.

Newsmakers: Former NAR President Starts New Business Venture
Richard Mendenhall launches a new company to advise businesses on how to better develop technology and services for the real estate industry.

Judgments Online
Appeals Court rules Do-Not-Call Registry is constitutional. Plus more.

2004 Rookie Diary, Part 3
In the third month of the series, the rookies tackle lost commissions, new niches, and personal fears.

March 2004

Investor's Survival Guide
If you're an investor, you know the pain of empty rentals, bad tenants, and property emergencies. Learn to mitigate these and other tricky challenges with practical tips from experienced real estate professionals.

Attributes of a Top Performer
Humor. Creativity. Assertiveness. Do you have what it takes to be a top performer? Find out if you have all the attributes by clicking into our interactive graphic.

2004 Rookie Diary, Part 2
In the second month of the series, the rookies face challenges as they try to increase sales and develop a niche.

Newsmakers: Courage Under Fire
Real estate rookie Ashor Nona saves his neighbor's house from the San Diego wildfires and gets the listing.

Judgments Online
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit rules that a creditor violated federal bankruptcy law when it threatened a broker. Plus more.

Commentary: RESPA Packaging Regulations Flawed
An executive of the American Land Title Association states his arguments for why the Bush Administration should not move forward with the RESPA packaging regulations.

February 2004

Are You Earning What You Should?
Use our online calculator to find out. Estimates by region, title, and more!

Paper Legacy: When to Retire Your Paper Records
You're ready to retire or leave the business, and you've amassed a boatload of paper transaction and other business records. How long are you obligated to keep them?

Rookie Diary 2004, Part 1
Meet the three new rookies we will follow over the next 7 months, as they try to find success in the real estate industry.

Newsmakers: John Jacobi
Windermere Real Estate founder John Jacobi makes community service a must for his organization but helps to take it to a new level with the Home for the Holidays program.

January 2004

Community Association Rules—Reasonable or Not?
What you need to know about the rules and restrictions of community associations so that you can better serve your buyer clients.

8 Hot Marketing Ideas for 2004
Top performers offer tips for how to get you, your listings, your company noticed in a world of information clutter.

December 2003

More Cost vs. Value Report Online
Find the entire report, including upscale versions of the projects detailed in the print magazine. This popular annual feature is a joint effort of Remodeling magazine and REALTORŪ Magazine.

Reinvent Your Sales Skills in a Do-Not-Call World
How do you generate leads and grow your business in a world without cold calls? Here are some practical first steps to help you reinvent your sales skills.

Remodeling Trends
What unusual upgrades are the rage in new homes? Read about the hottest remodeling projects today.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

November 2003

Housing Opportunities: Real-Life Solutions, Dallas, Texas
Case Study No. 5: The downpayment is a major reason why some people can’t afford to buy a home. A successful program in Dallas has overcome this obstacle, providing mortgage assistance to thousands of homebuyers in the area.

Reward Offered in Broker's Killing
Family members offer a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the killer of Joan Weigelhofer of Virginia.

Volunteers Making a Difference
Many real estate professionals make volunteerism a part of their daily lives. Get ready to be inspired by these five selfless practitioners who make a difference in their communities.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

October 2003

Selling Your Client List at Retirement
After a long and prosperous sales career, you’re considering retirement. Does your client list have any value and should you sell it? An expert provides advice on how to sell your client list at retirement.

Hybrids Come of Age
Is it easy being green? Well, it’s easier than it used to be, with today’s new breed of hybrid electric vehicles — a fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly option for many drivers. As these cars grow in popularity, more auto companies are making them. Find out if one might be right for you.

How Profitable Is Your Business?
This feature provides valuable steps you can take to increase business profitability and ways to avoid eroding profits.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

September 2003

Buy Real Estate With Your IRA
Worried about the volatility of your retirement portfolio? A growing number of IRA owners are using a little-known IRS code provision to invest their retirement funds in real estate. Is this the right move for you?

Pinpoint Hot Spots in Your Area
In every market, there are valuable opportunities to boost revenue by cashing in on emerging hot spots. Learn how to identify these emerging markets and take advantage of their potential.

Personal Safety: To Meet or Not to Meet?
Make it a point to always sell smart, sell safe. Meet your clients at the office and put your personal safety before business.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

August 2003

Housing Opportunities: Real-Life Solutions, Wabash, Indiana
Case Study No. 4: This fourth installment in a series on making housing more affordable to all Americans shows how one practitioner and a community group in Wabash, Ind., made a difference in the affordable housing arena in one Indiana county—and how you can tap into this underserved market.

Put Your Career On Steroids
A detailed career plan can turn your dreams of super success into reality. Whether your goal is management, business expansion, or new markets, this article provides a step-by-step timeline to get you there.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

July 2003

Tips from the Top 100 CEOs
Find out how our leaders got into the “Top 100 Companies” and how you can, too. Plus our entire list of 2002’s largest real estate companies — more than 200 strong.

Top Minority-Owned Companies
Often, different is better. Find out how these successful companies are expanding the ethnic diversity of homeowners and building their own bottom lines.

Up-to-the Minute Marketing
Turn the hottest trends in real estate into your own personal moneymakers.

June 2003

10 Things I Wish My First Broker Had Told Me
Remember quickie sales and the endless open houses? The low of a cold-call rejection and the joy of finding the perfect home for a friend? Money woes and referral windfalls? If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Building Passionate Teams

A fervor for work is a surefire path to success. Learn how to build passion in your sales team or brokerage and reap the financial and psychological benefits.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

May 2003

Housing Opportunities: Real-Life Solutions, New York City
Case Study No. 3: An innovative program in New York City links local government and private developers to provide low-cost houses for nurses, police officers, and other moderate-income workers.

Is Your Image Undermining Your Success?
How prospects perceive you, and how you perceive yourself, can mean the difference between making sales and needing a new line of work.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

April 2003

Choosing and Using a Home Stylist
First impressions count for a lot. If your listing looks like Animal House, it may be time to get professional help.

Get More Marketing Bang for Your Buck
Vision, consistency, and a unique selling proposition will help your marketing dollars pay off.

March 2003

Selling Green
Environmentally sensitive homes aren’t just for tree huggers any more. Learn how to tap into this profitable niche.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

February 2003

Which Brokerage Is Right for You?
Sales associates share their criteria for choosing a real estate company.

Housing Opportunity: Real Life Solutions, Introduction
There’s more than one answer to meeting the complex challenge of affordability. In an effort to explore a few of the many successful efforts nationwide, REALTORŪ Magazine Online offers a series of case studies highlighting housing opportunity best practices.

Housing Opportunity: Real Life Solutions, Chicago's Edgewater Neighborhood
Case Study No. 1: Long before affordability became a hot housing issue, Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood embraced a living laboratory of affordable strategies that actually seem to work.

Housing Opportunity: Real Life Solutions, Asheville, N.C.
Case Study No. 2: A community-wide initiative helps turn historic homes into affordable places to live.

January 2003

Weathering the Insurance Crisis
A lack of insurance availability and affordability could keep buyers out of new homes.

A Beginner's Life in Real Estate: January Edition
To help you relive those beginning days, be reminded of lessons learned, or even gain a few new insights, REALTORŪ Magazine Online will publish the “diaries” of three beginning salespeople. In addition, the print magazine will feature their stories in the February 2003 issue.

Judgments Online
Recent court decisions that could impact your business.

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