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2006 Special Series: The Great Real Estate Debates

During 2006, REALTORŪ Magazine explored some of the great debates in organized real estate. Here, we provide links to the entire package of in-depth articles, reported and written by the magazine’s senior editors.

Debtor Nation
The intricate interplay of foreign capital and interest rates has been the subject of discussion — and some concern — among economists in recent years. Whether the United States can sustain the current level of foreign investment and whether, in the long run, it’s good for the nation’s economy are questions without easy answers. By Robert Freeedman.

Real Estate in Peril
Governments have increasingly used their eminent domain authority in ways that have made people question whether there’s a healthy balance between the public good and the rights of property owners. We examine the issue from all sides. By Robert Freeedman.

What’s Next for the MLS?
Forward-looking organizations are reevaluating the value propositions of the MLS system — fine tuning their offerings in response to broker needs and stretching the boundaries of the services and support they provide. To sketch a picture of the MLS of the future, we ask a variety of stakeholders what they envision for tomorrow. By Mariwyn Evans.

Is Real Estate Anticompetitive?
Can new business models, such as national Internet-based referral services, successfully compete with traditional brokers? At issue is whether competition in the industry is leading to better service and lower costs — the twin benchmarks of a healthy competitive environment — or whether some brokers, using their leverage with state lawmakers and their control over MLS rules, are molding the playing field in their favor. By Robert Freedman.

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