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This article was published on: 12/01/2006
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Real Estate’s 25 Most Influential Thought Leaders

Magazine lists of most influential people usually focus on the movers and shakers of the moment—individuals or companies that have done something high-profile in the last year or so and have gotten plenty of attention.

In compiling our 2006 list of real estate leaders, we’ve taken a longer view. Our influencers aren’t just those with the latest gizmo or hot idea; they’re also thought leaders who are reshaping how the real estate industry functions—today and probably tomorrow. Not all are veterans—some are relatively new to the industry. Yet each has had a profound impact on the present and future of real estate.

To choose our 25 most influential, we solicited nominations through our Web site and directly from select brokers, association executives, and industry watchers. We whittled down the nominees to the group you see here.

Of course, like any good ecosystem, the world of real estate is affected both by what happens inside it and by the forces acting upon it from outside. That’s why we’ve also compiled a second list of influencers who work outside the real estate industry—in technology, government, finance, communications—but who have nonetheless had a major impact on the business, whether for good, bad, or somewhere in between.

We know that these lists leave out many who’ve had a significant impact; that’s the nature of such lists. So write and tell us who you think we’ve missed. We’ll publish some of your choices in future issues of the magazine. For now, here’s who the editors of REALTOR® Magazine think have left a unique imprint on our industry.

View 25 most influential

View 15 others who've had an impact

25 most influential
Mo Anderson
Pat Vredevoogd Combs
Virginia Cook
Harold Crye
Allan Dalton
P. Wesley Foster Jr.
Bob Hale
Margaret M. Kelly
Steve Morris
Frances Martinez Myers
Pamela J. O’Connor
Allen M. Okamoto
Steve Ozonian
Ronald J. Peltier
Richard Rector
Kenneth P. Riggs Jr.
Harley Rouda Jr.
Michael Schmelzer
J. Lennox Scott
Joel Singer
Richard A. Smith
Thomas M. Stevens
Clifford Turner
Jim Weichert
Alan Yassky

Plus: 15 others who’ve had an impact
Dana Berliner
Ben S. Bernanke
Blanche Evans
Pete Flint and Sami Inkinen
Brad Inman
Alphonso Jackson
Steven D. Levitt
Angelo R. Mozilo
Hon. Michael G. Oxley (R-Ohio)
The Participatory Consumer
Hon. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.)
Robert J. Shiller
Stuart Siegel
U.S. Department of Justice

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