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Show Daily: Orlando

News from the 2008 REALTORS® Conference

Every day during the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, Nov. 7-10, REALTOR® Magazine’s Show Daily provided summaries of the best new ideas and exciting images from the conference. Click on the images below for a PDF of each day's articles.

NAR Convention 2008

Monday, November 10

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McMillan: It's About Building Bridges
REALTORS® must build a bridge to the future—over the chasm of today’s market challenges—so that tomorrow’s real estate industry will be empowered to move forward into its second century,” NAR’s 2009 President Charles McMillan told a glittering throng of friends at his Inaugural celebration at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Orlando.

Find Connections in Unlikely Places
What do you get when you combine a bottle cap with a light bulb? Or a spider’s DNA with goat milk? Or a burqa with a bikini? The answer: Some successful—if unexpected— examples of innovation, says Frans Johansson, author of the best-selling Medici Effect.

Obama Must Curb Democratic Leaders
President-elect Barack Obama is, at heart, a pragmatic and moderate politician. But whether he will govern that way will depend on how he handles the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, said two popular and fiery commentators at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo.

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Sunday, November 9

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Lance Armstrong: Choose Passion Over Fear
The cycling phenom and cancer survivor addressed a crowd of more than 7,500 REALTORS® and guests as the keynote speaker at the REALTORS® Conference General Session. “Despite how tough things are, you have to find your passion,” said Armstrong, who says his life today is all about raising awareness about cancer survival.

Gary Keller: Get Real When Times Get Tough
Lead generation is the single most important thing you can do to survive in a shifting market, said Gary Keller. “You say you are in real estate. I say you are in lead generation,” he said. With the exception of top agents, very few practitioners put enough emphasis on finding new prospects and making initial appointments.

Daniel Pink: Zig When Others Are Zagging
Economic downturns are opportunities to be bold and prove that you’re not like the rest, said innovation expert and author Daniel Pink. “This is the time to become more flexible and creative—and not to retrench. We should be zigging when everyone else is zagging.”

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Saturday, November 8

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Yun: Housing Can Save the Economy
If housing prices stabilize, the current recession could be mild and recovery could come in the second half of 2009. However, without stabilization, the recession could drag on until 2010, says NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.

No One's Happy With New RESPA Rules
More 240 Congressmen, real estate service provider, REALTORS®, and many consumer advocacy groups have all expressed opposition, said RESPA Philip Schulman of law firm K& L Gates, Washington, D.C. “HUD’s stated goal was to increase transparency for consumers and simplify the closing process; instead it made the proposed regulations exclusive and controversial.”

Become a Marketing 'Survivor'
“We need to be on a campaign for consumers who may be sitting on the fence,” said Max Pigman, vice president of “We need to campaign for their confidence to say ‘yes, it’s a good time to buy or sell.’” Pigman, who led Friday’s “Marketing Survival Guide” shared some other tactics for coming out ahead in a tough market.

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Friday, November 7

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NAR: Obama Will Support Housing
President-elect Barack Obama is likely to make a housing market recovery a central part of his economic revival plan. That was the assessment of NAR leaders, speaking to a packed audience Thursday at the Peabody Hotel during the opening forum of the REALTORS® Conference.

5 Negotiation Strategies Worth Following
Successful negotiating used to be about winning at all costs and grinding the other person into the ground. Today, such tactics will only work against you.

Doing International Business? Learn the Math
American buyers of foreign property often ask: "How much does it cost in real money?" Of course, what they really mean, is how much does it cost in U.S. currency. Here's how to do basic conversions with ease.

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