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Daily Real Estate News  |  October 25, 2007  |   Second Kitchens Gain Popularity in Upscale Homes
More high-end houses are adding second kitchens, one for everyday use and one for entertaining or religious holidays.

"This is the new thing," says John Kean, a luxury home builder based on Long Island, NY. "We really didn't get much call for it until the last few years."

Second kitchens tend to fall into three categories: those still-rare high-end restaurant-style kitchens for personal chefs and caterers, lower-cost functional kitchens for home cooking too messy or smoky for the luxury show kitchen seen by guests, and small auxiliary kitchens used primarily for religious holidays or for entertaining.

In many areas, there are zoning laws that restrict second kitchens – dating from the days when municipalities wanted to restrict duplexing of a property. When these laws prevent elaborate second kitchens, builders and homeowners opt instead for a butler’s pantry that doesn’t have a stove.

The typical butler's pantry contains cabinetry to hold dishes, stemware, flatware and linens, countertops for use as a staging area for dishes and food heading to the dining room, and often a sink and dishwasher for cleanups. It also may include a wine refrigerator, an extra food refrigerator and a microwave, and lead to walk-in food pantries, or walk-in refrigerator or freezer boxes.

Source: Newsday, Carol Polsky (10/25/2007)

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