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Daily Real Estate News  |   February 5, 2007  |   One Laundry Room Isn't Enough Anymore
A growing number of home owners are equipping their residences with more than one laundry area, and some have gone so far as to include washing machines and dryers in the closet of each bedroom.

Multiple laundry rooms are convenient for owners of spacious dwellings and aging baby boomers who would otherwise have to carry clothes up and down stairs or across a large house. Some home owners are spending upwards of $2,500 on the newest machines that come in designer colors and run quietly, or they're buying specialized machines for delicate items and durable items.

No statistics are currently available on how many homes have more than one laundry space, but builders and interior designers say the trend is catching on, particularly in the high-end market.

For example, Miami-based Coastal Homes, which focuses on $10 million-plus properties as large as 60,000 square feet, included two laundry rooms in seven of the eight homes it built in 2006, CEO Tom Murphy Jr. says.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Christina S.N. Lewis (02/02/07)

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