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Daily Real Estate News  |  August 3, 2006  |   Companies Bring Homes to Life Through Video
A number of video companies are offering tools and full-service packages to realty agents to enhance their virtual tours.

VideoOpenHouse from CGI Communications Inc. allows real estate practitioners to record video messages using Web cameras and software. The video features audio descriptions of the home that can be e-mailed, posted on the agent's and firm's Web sites, and accessed by prospective buyers via PDA. CGI also provides editing tools, video view statistics, and professional videographers if desired.

A similar service is offered by WellcomeMat, while PodcastMyProperty and PodcastMyFSBO transform photographs and property descriptions into digital video files with an accompanying audio track.

"If you have a video of the space that you want to sell, the only people who show up in person for the physical walkthrough are going to be people who have checkbooks in their pocket," says WellcomeMat co-founder Christian Sterner. "It saves every party that is involved in any real estate transaction a ton of time."

Source: Inman News, Glenn Roberts, Jr. (08/02/06)

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