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Daily Real Estate News  |  January 29, 2009  |   Facebook, YouTube Tapped to Sell Homes
The housing downturn means real estate practitioners cannot depend on old marketing strategies to sell homes, so more are turning to free online sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to network with prospective clients.

"In today's rather soft real estate economy, real estate professionals have to make extra efforts to explore Web. 2.0 tools in order to reach, recruit and retain customers and clients," Mike Barnett of Internet Crusade Inc. is cited as saying. "Web 2.0 tools are an excellent way to accomplish our goals and to collaborate digitally."

YouTube allows practitioners to post videos of their listings as an alternative to flyers, and practitioners also are turning to blogs to replace newsletters. Meanwhile, Facebook enables practitioners to remind contacts through their profiles that they have homes for sale, and it makes networking easier than handing out business cards.

Mike Long of Westmont, Ill.-based Long Realty Inc. says, "It's not a primary source of clients, but if it gets you one or two a year it's worth it. It's like open houses. One out of 100 will lead to a buyer."

Source: Medill Reports, Kate Shellnutt (01/27/09)

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