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Daily Real Estate News  |  April 27, 2011  |   Are You Following Copyright Rules?
Be careful when you take that photo from the Internet and repost it on your blog, or lift an interesting article to add to your web site. You may be breaking some copyright rules, which can cost you dearly if you’re ever busted for copyright infringement.

While you cannot “copyright an idea”, copyright law does prevent you from reprinting or reusing another person’s work in its entirety--including words, logos, or other supporting materials. So, for example, taking one of the articles you see at REALTORŪ Magazine online and reprinting in its entirety on your blog without following proper copyright procedures and attribution would constitute infringement.

Real estate coach Bernice Ross in a recent Inman News article cautions real estate pros that just taking a photo you find on the Internet and then reusing it on your own site without permission is a copyright violation. Instead, Ross suggests using licensing services such as or or search for material that can be used for free commercial reuse and alteration.

When wanting to repost information from another person’s blog or web site, instead of lifting the content verbatim, rewrite the content as a summary and link back to the original article, Ross suggests.

Source: “Know the Basics of Copyright, Trademark Infringement,” Inman News (April 25, 2011)

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