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Daily Real Estate News  |  March 9, 2006  |   County Nixes Permit Requirement on For Sale Signs Home owners in Montgomery County, Md. no longer need a permit to place a For Sale sign on their property, under a new law recently approved by the county government. Private citizens and the American Civil Liberties Union had complained about the previous law, which required a fee-based permit. The new law pertains to any nonpermanent sign, not just real estate signs. “This change makes it clear that free speech really is free,” says County Council member Howard Denis, who sponsored the zoning text amendment. “County residents should have the right to speak their minds on public policy issues — whether its ‘mansionization,’ the war in Iraq, or property taxes — by putting signs in their yards. And they ought to have that free speech right year-round, not just for a narrow window around election-time.” The Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORSŪ says the new law means that a For Sale sign could sit on private property for any length of time as long as it meets the size and placement restrictions in the zoning ordinance. For residential zones, the total sign area must not exceed 10 square feet. Signs advertising a home for sale or an open house that are located in a right-of-way will still require permits. — By Michele Lerner for REALTORŪ Magazine Online

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