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Daily Real Estate News  |  August 1, 2007  |   Challenge to Office Buildings: Cut Energy by 30%
BOMA International, an association for building owners and managers, is urging the commercial real estate industry to slash energy consumption 30 percent by 2012.

BOMA officials say going the green route not only makes moral sense, it also will lead to greater cost savings for building owners and managers in the long run.

As part of its "Seven-Point Challenge" campaign, the country's biggest real estate group also is urging builders and architects to take more of a leading role in the overall green-building movement.

BOMA officials hold up New York's Hearst Tower as a model of energy-efficient construction. The 46-story structure holds the distinction of being the first Manhattan skyscraper to be erected after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Since opening, the building has recorded savings of 26 percent in electricity usage and 10 percent in water due to such innovations as energy-saving "smart" elevators and a water collection system that recycles storm water for use in the structure's cooling system.

Source: Bergen Record (N.J.), James Quirk (07/25/07)

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