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Qualifying Buyers
March 29, 2023
Asking the Right Questions

The challenge for any salesperson, says sales guru Walter Sanford, is to identify good prospects. The first step, he adds, is asking buyers to fill out a detailed questionnaire. The following is Sanford's own questionnaire.

Date _____________ Phone (w) ___________ (h) _____________

Fax: ____________________ E-mail: ______________________

Buyer's names ____________________________________

Address ________________________________________

1. How long have you been looking? ___________________________

2. Are you working with another salesperson/broker? ___________________
If yes, who? _____________________________________________

3. How many are in your family? _______________________________

4. Do you own now or are you renting? ________ Rent Amount? _____

5. Must you sell or complete the lease period before buying? ________________

If you are leasing, how long is the lease? _______________________

6. Have you seen any homes/investment properties that you really liked? _________________________________________________

If yes, why didn't you buy? ________________________________

7. How soon do you need to move? _______________________


8. If we can find the right property, are you prepared to make a decision now? ___________________________________________

9. What price range have you been considering? $__________________

10. How much has a lender told you that you're qualified for? $________

11. How much cash do you want to use for the purchase? $____________

12. Do you have a budget for monthly payments? ___________________

13. What is the name of the lender that pre-qualified you? _____________

14. How many bedrooms? _________ Sq. Ft.? __________ Units? ______

15. Is there a particular location in the city you prefer? ________________

16. Is there a particular style that you would prefer? __________________

17. Is there anyone else who will be helping you make the decision about buying? __________________________

18. What special requirements do you need in your new property from [your name here]? __________________________________________

19. Where are you employed? ___________________________________

20. Where is your spouse employed? ______________________________

21. If [your name here] gives you 100 percent of his/her time will you buy your new property from him/her? _______________________________________________

22. What times are best for you to look? ___________________________

23. How do you like us to communicate--by phone, fax, mail, E-mail, or Internet? ________________________________________________
24. I will have [your name here] call you so that he can go over details of the hunt. What is the best time to have him call you? ______________________

And at what number? ______________________________________

25. What are your favorite Web Sites to view property? _________________