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Local Market Reports

These 155 separate local markets reports provide insights into the nation's largest metropolitan housing markets. Each report evaluates a number of factors affecting home prices, including: the health of the local job market, foreclosure rates, housing inventory, debt-to-income and mortgage-servicing-costs-to-income ratios. These market-by-market reports are updated every quarter and are available online to members only.

Metro Area Unemployment Trends

This report looks at the unemployment trends for 27 large metropolitan areas. It details which areas had the lowest and highest unemployment rates, which states saw decreases in unemployment from last year, and which metro saw the most improvements.

Inflation Watch

The Inflation Watch series focuses on the price level. Research monitors measures of inflation that affect the business of REALTORS® and summarize their impact, highlighting areas of potential concern in a brief, polished presentation. The Inflation Watch enables REALTORS® to gain the insight needed to confidently discuss this important market factor with other professionals and clients.

State Employment Trends

Job creation is critical for a sustained economic and housing recovery as it boosts confidence to make large purchases, and it undermines the factors that cause delinquency and foreclosures. This report tracks the employment trends by state, noting which are trending upwards and which are trending downwards, including unemployment and payroll jobs figures.

Home Price Monitor

The Home Price Monitor Series reviews national home prices by examining several widely cited national measurements. It allows REALTORS® to gain insight into the recent performance of national prices, factors affecting that performance, and the likely direction of prices in the months ahead. The Home Price Monitor includes the same data covered in the national media that clients will expect their REALTORS® to know and be able to comment on and provides different, more complete coverage of the information all in one place.

Realtors® Confidence Index

The REALTORS® Confidence Index measures the strength of the current housing market and expectations about the future. The index is based on information received from a random survey of Realtors®. The questions are designed to capture the effects of existing economic conditions and trends on the real estate business. This index provides Realtors® a snapshot of the experiences, sentiments and expectations of their counterparts.

Relocation Reports

Relocation Reports are a great tool for real estate professionals. They pinpoint which counties relocation clients are coming from/going to along with income information - that is, how many households from New York County, NY, Bucks County, PA, and Bergen County, NJ, etc. moved to Palm Beach County FL and the relative income of the relocation clients coming from these counties.