February 22, 2019
National REALTOR Database System Resources

NRDS Helpline: 1-800-868-3225 or email nrdshelp@realtors.org


NRDS NEWS is published monthly and available to all Points of Entry (POEs) on the NRDS system. The NEWS contains announcements regarding upcoming changes to the NRDS system, helpful hints, frequently asked questions, status of any programming fixes, etc.

NAR: NRDS Database Login

NRDS 2.0 User Manual for Point of Entry (POE) Personnel

REALTOR® Ecommerce Network

NRDS POE Minimum Standards
The NRDS Standards Board and AE Committee has developed a set of minimum criteria that needs to be met by the state and local associations who choose to be a POE (Point of Entry) on NRDS.

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