REALTOR® University Speaker Series: Housing Finance Reform: Highlights Video

This video, part of the REALTOR® University Speaker Series, contains highlights of Dr. Phillip L. Swagel's talk about Housing Finance Reform, proposed plans, the new role(s) that Fannie and Freddie should play, and the importance of protecting access to homeownership.

View the full video of the lecture.

Phillip L. Swagel is Professor in International Economic Policy at the Maryland School of Public Policy.  He was Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at the Treasury Department from December 2006 to January 2009.  In that position, he advised Secretary Paulson on all aspects of economic policy.  He served as a member of the TARP investment committee, and was responsible for analysis on issues including housing, financial markets, healthcare, pensions, and macroeconomic forecasts.  Swagel was previously chief of staff and a senior economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers, and was an economist at the IMF and the Federal Reserve Board.