Spring 2017: Multichannel Member Outreach

It is a good time for all AEs to take inventory of our own leadership qualities, identify what we consider important leadership skills, and reflect on what we need to improve. This introspection will come not from any performance review or strategic planning session but from you alone. 

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There have never been more tools and strategies to use to communicate with members, and next year there will be more. Here we take a look at the top communication channels (and some up-in-coming ones) and how they may apply to your association outreach. 

Becoming a better leader should be a personal goal and an organizational goal, as well. The benefits of becoming a more effective leader will accrue not only to you but also to your association. 

In Dec. 2016, the U.S. Copyright Office made some small but significant updates to the administrative requirements for the DMCA. Every website operator should be aware of these changes, as they require you to take action by or before Dec. 31, 2017.

We love this job. We love the difference we make. However, it’s time we look at the toll it can take if we don’t put it in perspective.I hope you’ll join me on this journey to becoming better AEs by putting ourselves (and our families) first.

Re-evaluate your association’s top AE assessment policy and procedures. Every REALTOR® association executive will receive a performance review in 2017 to comply with the Core Standards. If you’re like many AEs, this will be your first review in a long time and for some it will be your first review ever. 


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