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Welcome to The Answer Book...and congratulations on taking a step toward strengthening your association management skills and your professionalism. The Answer Book is designed to be the first place that REALTOR® association executives and leadership turn to for their primary REALTOR® association management needs, and it is the primary reference for the REALTOR® Association Management Self-Study Course, and the REALTOR® association Certified Executive (RCE) examination.

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The Answer Book
Thirteenth Edition

Please note that every chapter has been updated for 2016 as indicated with an "Updated" icon

Section 1 - Manage the Association and Its Business Operations

Section 2 - Understand the Structure of the REALTOR® Organization

Section 3 - Understand Real Estate Industry Issues and Trends

Section 4 - Acquire and Communicate Valuable Information

Section 5 - Foster Effective Interpersonal Relationships

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