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REALTOR® Brand Logos
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REALTORÒ Brand Logos

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSÒ owns numerous marks, including its parent brand, the REALTORÒ “Block R” logo. To use the parent brand to its fullest, brand logos for various NAR products, programs, and services have been developed. Each of these brand logos incorporates the REALTORÒ block logo and is created to specifically identify different NAR products, programs, and services (such as REALTOR Benefits®,®,, REALTOR TeamStore®, etc. – refer to example below).

These brand logos function to position the National Association and state and local associations as indispensable organizations for real estate practitioners, and to develop unmistakable recognition of NAR’s products, programs, and services within the industry, worldwide.

The need to assure a single, clear message for these brand logos requires the National Association to exercise careful management of their use. In general, the National Association is the only entity authorized to develop and use these brand logos. Some exceptions may apply, but they will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. One example of an exception includes state and local associations who partner with NAR in the REALTOR Benefits® revenue sharing program (Triple Play). In these instances, NAR Marketing and Business Development will supply approved, properly formatted, electronic logo files, and instructions covering their use, to the associations involved. These files may not to be altered without advance permission from NAR’s graphic standards staff.

Individual REALTORS® and organizations that are not members of the National Association are not authorized to use the brand logos or develop variations on them, except pursuant to the written policies of the National Association.

Below are some example logos. For permission or additional information, contact NAR Marketing and Business Development at 312-329-8880.

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