Including Global Retirees in Your Business Plan

By some estimates, Baby Boomers are now retiring at a pace of 10,000 per day! Since this figure only includes the U.S., the global rate is significantly higher. No matter where you’re located, the odds are good that you know someone who is actively considering retirement—a decision that could also involve relocating to another country.

Retirees chose to move abroad for many reasons. In some cases, they are looking overseas to save money. Others are seeking new adventures. Some may be returning to native roots and relatives. Each situation is unique, but not necessarily simple.

As a CIPS designee, you are in a unique position to facilitate these transactions. Among real estate professionals, who else can navigate a complex maze filled with questions about cultural differences, cost of living, etc.?

There’s an old saying in the real estate business: “Be the source of the source.” It’s a phrase that emphasizes the importance of having extensive resources at your fingertips, versus trying to be the expert on every topic (a futile and risky endeavor).

As a CIPS designee, you have access to an unrivaled collection of resources located all over the globe. What you may lack, however, is a framework for incorporating the niche of cross-border retirement into your business plan.

That’s precisely what you’ll find inside this issue of Global Perspectives. Read on, and learn how to approach this segment of the market.


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