2012 REALTOR® Party Policy and Advocacy Conference - Trip Planner

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill Hotel, DC

January 25-27, 2012

Who Should Attend

1. 2012 NAR Officers (8 participants)
Moe Veissi, President
Gary Thomas, President-Elect
Steve Brown, First Vice President
Bill Armstrong, Treasurer
Ron Phipps, Immediate Past President
DJ Snapp, Vice President & Liaison to Committees
Scott Louser, Vice President & Liaison to GovAff
Dale Stinton, NAR CEO

2. 2012 NAR Political/Policy Liaisons (12 participants)
Policy Liaisons
Bob Kulick, Liaison, Public & Federal Issues
Francisco Angulo, Liaison, Global, Resort & Second Home Real Estate
Blaine Walker, Liaison, Commercial & Business Specialties
Rei Mesa, Liaison, Large Firm Relations

Political Liaisons
Brooke Hunt, Liaison, State & Community Issues
Tom Salomone, Director, Realtor Party Activities
Mike Ford, Liaison, Major Investor
John Smaby, Liaison, Member Mobilization
Liaison, Political Fundraising (4)
· Daryl Braham
· Marbury Little
· Ronda Tompers
· Cynthia Shelton

3. 2012 NAR Regional Vice Presidents (13 participants)
Douglas Azarian, Region I
J. Gregory Connors, Region II
Richard Brogan, Region III
Milton Shockley, Region IV
Cynthia Joachim, Region V
Brad Knapp, Region VI
Paul Wyman, Region VII
Jo Jenkins, Region VIII
Theresa Stewart, Region IX
Avis Wukasch, Region X
Michael Labout, Region XI
Gail Hartnett, Region XII
Bill Brown, Region XIII

4. 2012 NAR Political/Policy Committee & Forum Leaders (55 participants)
Policy Committees (Chairs & Vice Chairs, respectively)
Iona Harrison & Brian Sears, Business Issues Committee
Brian Sears, Federal Technology Policy Subcommittee (Chair only; no Vice Chair position)
Max Gurvitch & Cindy Chandler, Commercial Legislation & Regulatory Subcommittee
Randy Scheidt & Linda St. Peter, Commercial Committee
Jaren Davis & Linda Lee, Conventional Finance & Lending Committee
Sandra Butler & Robert McMillan, Diversity Committee
Claire Williams & Kay Wirth, Federal Housing Policy Committee
John Vranas & Scott Griffith, Federal Taxation Committee
Teresa King Kinney & Furhad Waquad, Global Business and Alliances Committee
Joe Stewart & David Wluka, Housing Opportunity Advisory Subcommittee
JoAnne Poole & Margaret Hudson, Housing Opportunity Committee
Daniel Houston Hatfield & Donna Smith, Land Use, Property Rights & Environment Committee
Russell Grooms & Dave Dalzell, Public Policy Coordinating Committee
Jonathan Hall & Susan Martins-Phipps, Real Property Valuation Committee
George Harvey Jr. & David Biechele, Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee
Robert Caldwell & Kay Watson, Smart Growth Advisory Group
Dwight Hale & Laurie Urbigkit, State and Local Issues Committee

Policy Forums (Chairs & Vice Chairs respectively)
Maggie Thomas & Winnie Davis, Diversity Forum
Joseph Canfora & Patti Lawton, Housing Opportunity Forum
Bob Snowden & Mary Begier, Land Use, Property Rights & Environment Forum
Gail Hartnett & Ann Pettijohn, Legislative and Political Forum
Daniel Elsea & Charlie Oppler, Real Estate Services Forum
Bill Jones & Keith Kelley, Regulatory Issues Forum

Political Committees (Chairs & Vice Chairs respectively)
Neal Jackson & Susan Renfrew, Issues Mobilization Committee
John Kmiecik & Sherri Meadows, Realtors Political Involvement Committee
Rick Violett & Nancy Rands, RPAC Trustees Committee
*Mike Ford, RPAC Major Investor Council (Chair only & counted already as Major Investor Liaison; no Vice Chair position)
Jim Liptak & Kevin Sears, Realtor Party Coordinating Committee

Political Forums (Chair & Vice Chair respectively)
Wendy Furth & Bonnie Boyd, RPAC Fundraising Forum

5. State REALTOR Association GADs (or a rep to be designated by the State EO) (54 participants)

6. 2012 Diversity Partners (5 participants)
Julius Cartwright, President, National Association of Real Estate Brokers
Carmen Mercado & Jerry Ascencio, Chair & Vice Chair, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals
Kathy Tsao & Jim Park, Chair & Vice Chair, Asian Real Estate Association of America

Total Member Participants = 147

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