2016 New Member Orientation Video

This 23-minute video covers valuable information to help new members realize their full benefits of membership from the National Association of REALTORS®.

Please Note: This video is intended to be viewed solely in the medium provided by NAR and may not be reproduced, distributed, performed, displayed, modified, or otherwise used without NAR’s written permission.

View the entire video on YouTube or in separate segments below:

  1. Intro and Benefits
  2. Voice for Real Estate
  3. Exclusive Member Benefits
  4. Information and Education
  5. Helping REALTORS® and Communities
  6. Evaluating Future and Close

Additional Videos

The following videos can help orient new members and for use at meetings or special events:

  • REALTOR® Safety Video (3 mins.) — Share steps members can take to stay safe at home, in the office, on the road and with clients. Additional safety videos, resources, and materials are available here.



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