Governance PAG Questionnaire

What are your thoughts on governance? How has it affected your business over the years?

1. Choose all of the following qualifications you think would be meaningful as a guideline for serving on the Board of Directors: This field is required.
2. Choose the statement below you most agree with. "The current NAR regional structure…" This field is required.
3. Choose all of the following performance standards you agree should be in place for members of the NAR Board of Directors: This field is required.
5. When considering appointments for Committee Chair, how should NAR weigh a member's qualifications? Choose the one statement below that best reflects your view: This field is required.
6. What are some better ways for NAR to thoroughly brief Directors in a timely way and ensure they are ready for Board meeting discussion? This field is required.
7. To deepen member engagement, NAR should provide members in between meetings with a way to connect with other members around similar interests or concerns to share ideas, raise common problems and collaborate on solutions. NAR could use these groups to tap member expertise in particular areas. What do you think of this idea? This field is required.
8. NAR should provide state and local associations with information on how well their appointees are meeting stated performance expectations. This field is required.
10. Regarding the use of endorsements in the application process to serve on an NAR Committee, which of the following statements best reflects your view? This field is required.
11. All members who apply for a committee position should be contacted whether or not they are appointed, and every effort should be made to find ways to engage those who are not chosen. This field is required.
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