The Dream is Still Alive

A majority of Americans – both owners and renters – still believe in the importance of home ownership. That’s according to a study conducted by Fallon Research & Communications Inc., which reveals that 91 percent of owners and 72 percent of renters believe owning a home is a good financial investment.

As people age, their beliefs in the value of home ownership seem to be reinforced, according to the survey’s results. The study found that 69 percent of people ages 18-29, 76 percent of people ages 30- 44, 81 percent of people ages 45-59,  and 86 percent of those over 60 believe home ownership is a good investment. 

The study also revealed that 68 percent of renters agree that home owners experience a better quality of life due to more stable communities and greater pride in their neighborhoods.

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Survey says… Do your own survey – talk to home owners and renters in your area to learn their perceptions of the value of home ownership. Ask Realtors® about what motivates people to own homes.