Should Homeowners Take Remodeling Efforts Outside?

Homeowners considering taking on a renovation project may want to look outside to get the most bang for their buck. A study from the National Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of Landscape Professionals found that outdoor remodeling projects bring great value – both emotionally and financially – to the homeowners and commercial property owners who complete them. The study found that the most cost-effective project was implementing standard lawn care, which recoups 267 percent of the project cost at resale.

Story Springboard

Check out NAR’s 2018 Remodeling Report: Outdoor Features for more information on various outdoor renovation projects. Speak with homeowners who recently completed an outdoor remodel about why they decided to undertake the project and how they feel after finishing it. Ask a REALTOR® in your area about the benefits of improving a home’s curb appeal for resale.