Housing Affordability Down Across the Nation

According to new joint research from the National Association of REALTORS® and realtor.com®, housing affordability is down from a year ago, and fewer households have the income necessary to purchase from among the inventory of homes currently available in their communities. The research indicates that the states with the lowest Affordability Scores – a number between zero and two, where zero indicates no households can afford homes on the market and two indicates that all households can afford homes on the market - were Hawaii, California, Oregon and (in a three-way tie) the District of Columbia, Montana and Rhode Island. In these areas, typical households can only afford 19 to 23 percent of the active housing inventory.

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Look at the REALTORS® Affordability Distribution Curve and Score for more information on housing affordability at different income levels across the United States. Speak with potential homebuyers in your area about challenges they are facing finding an affordable home. Talk to a REALTOR® about the current housing inventory in your community and how it is affecting affordability in your market.


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