Housing: A Time to Buy

A recent J.P. Morgan report, Housing: A Time to Buy, suggests that it may be the time to consider an investment in the housing market.

The research study found that “home prices play a crucial role in determining household wealth and shaping consumer confidence...” and “…the numbers tell us it is a time to buy.”

While this news comes as no surprise to real estate professionals and many consumers (who have consistently viewed housing as a worthy long-term investment in national polls and studies over the past year), it reinforces the impact home ownership has on the overall economy and the need to keep housing first on the nation’s public policy agenda.

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Why this report matters The study comes on the heels of the recent Wall Street Journal article “We Can’t Ignore Housing Anymore” and Congress’ reinstatement of FHA loan limits last month. Talk to a REALTOR® about the impact home ownership has on their communities and local businesses. Talk to home buyers about their feelings on why now is the right time for them to invest in real estate.