Driving Public Policy Home

As the presidential primaries continue across the country, it’s important that homeownership remain part of the national dialogue.

Americans agree that housing should be a national public policy priority.  A recent Trulia poll found that nearly three out of four respondents thought government policies and programs should encourage homeownership, and more than four out of five people surveyed by realtor.com believe housing is critical to the economic recovery.

Policies regarding the mortgage interest deduction, foreclosures and short sales, affordable financing and available credit impact communities everywhere, and political candidates must not lose sight of the values that helped make this country strong.

Story Springboard

Homeownership matters Did you know 65 percent of  families who claim the MID earn less than $100,000 per year? Talk to homeowners in your area about what the MID and other benefits of homeownership mean to them at tax time. Contact your local REALTOR® association to learn about local policy initiatives that could affect homeownership in  your community.