Don't Bust Your Budget on Home Repairs

For new homeowners, the first time the toilet starts leaking can cause them to panic and run to hire the nearest plumber. They may be surprised to find out, however, how easy it is to make some of these minor fixes themselves and that doing so can save them the upwards of $150 per hour that it costs to hire a professional. Small projects like stopping a leaky faucet or fixing a broken garbage disposal can be as simple as watching a YouTube video and a quick trip to the hardware store.

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Check out HouseLogic’s “Secrets for Maintaining Your Home With Less Time, Money” spotlight for more information on how to save money on household maintenance. Speak to a repair person in your area about repairs that homeowners can attempt themselves and when they should hire a professional. Ask a REALTOR® for the advice he or she gives to first-time homebuyers on simple ways to save money on home repairs.


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