DIY Projects You'll Want to Show Off

With the rise of social media, boast-worthy DIY projects have never been more popular. Having a ‘swoon-worthy’ room in your home that can be shown off on Instagram is almost as important as actually enjoying the space. These projects do not have to be major renovations; small, detail-oriented updates can make a huge impact. Try switching out old cabinet knobs and drawer pulls for something colorful or metallic, or add wallpaper to the inside of cabinets for a surprise pop of color.

Story Springboard:

Check out HouseLogic’s spotlight “ An Instagram Worthy Home ” for more projects to make you (and everyone else) fall more in love with your home. Speak with a homeowner who recently undertook a home DIY project about if and how he or she shared the results on social media. Talk to a REALTOR® in your area about how a home appears in photographs can affect the selling process.