Consumers Care About the Environment

With extreme weather events like Hurricane Florence dominating the news and everyday concerns about lessening energy usage, American property owners and communities are more concerned about the environment than ever before. Consumer inclinations for walkable communities and energy-efficient homes are on the rise, according to NAR research. Knowing these preferences, REALTORS® are changing the way they list, market and promote listings to highlight a home’s sustainable features.

Story Springboard

Check out the REALTORS® and Sustainability Report for more information on green real estate. Talk to REALTORS® near you about green trends and which green home features are most important to their clients. Speak to a recent homebuyer about how environmental concerns factored into their purchase decision.


2020 Census

The decennial census is important for all REALTORS® because completing the 2020 census means more resources for businesses and communities.


NAR continues to monitor and respond to concerns about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its impact on the real estate industry and events.