Consider Staging to Attract Buyers, Add Value to Home

Sellers can get creative when trying to attract prospective buyers to their homes—filling them with warm scents, providing the perfect lighting or playing up fun and interesting features. Another popular option is home staging, which involves arranging and decorating the home in a way that appeals to a wide range of buyers. In the National Association of REALTORS®’ new 2015 Profile of Home Staging, 96 percent of REALTORS® assisting buyers thought that staging had an impact on buyers at least some of the time (49 percent reported staging had an impact on buyers most of the time while 47 percent believe staging impacts buyers some of the time). While staging can help attract prospective buyers, REALTORS® say it can also bring in more money. The report also found that REALTORS® believe staging increases a buyer’s perceived value of a home from 1 to 5 percent (according to 37 percent of REALTORS® representing sellers and 32 percent of REALTORS® representing buyers).

Story Springboard

Check out NAR’s 2015 Profile of Home Staging and infographic to see how REALTORS® think staging affects a home sale and when it could be most beneficial. Talk to REALTORS® in your community and get their thoughts on and experiences with home staging. Find a homeowner who has experience with a staged home, either from the selling or buying side, to see if they felt it made a difference.


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