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National Center for Real Estate Research

What is NCRER?
The REALTORS® National Center for Real Estate Research (NCRER) supports original, high-quality research that contributes to a greater understanding of the real estate industry, housing, and homeownership. Equally important to the center's mission is research with practical applications to the real estate business, real estate markets, and public policy.
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State and Local Fiscal Research Institute
Dedicated to research on state and local fiscal issues, Institute reports look at trends in state and local taxes and expenditures, how economic and demographic forces affect tax systems and how fiscal policies impact growth and development. This research provides critical information on how tax policies are formed, how they work and how they impact the real estate industry.
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NCRER Grants
NCRER solicits proposals for research projects on a variety of real estate-related topics, including housing demand, real estate finance, transportation and growth, housing affordability and more.
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For further information, contact Paul C. Bishop, Director, National Center for Real Estate Research, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, at 202/383-1246, or via e-mail at NCRER@realtors.org.

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