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National Center for Real Estate Research

NCRER focuses on the research needs of real estate practitioners, lenders, appraisers, developers and others involved in the real estate industry. NCRER solicits proposals for research projects, usually once a year, in the areas of:

· Housing Demand and Supply
· Real Estate Brokerage
· Real Estate-related Business
· Commercial Real Estate
· Environmental Regulation
· Land Use/Zoning
· Housing Opportunity and Affordability
· Real Estate Finance
· State and Local Fiscal Policy
· Impact of Technology on Real Estate Transactions
· Transportation and Growth
· National/Regional Demographics

Research proposals should address an outstanding question or issue, make use of innovative data, or provide an original and significant contribution to an area of real estate research of interest to other researchers, analysts, policymakers or practitioners.

Grants are offered for work that will be completed within one year of execution of a research agreement. Although the scope of the proposed research will be balanced against the requested grant amount, grant awards will generally not exceed $40,000.

The usual deliverable is a high-quality research paper that the authors plan to submit to a refereed economics, finance, or real estate journal.

See Grant Proposal Guidelines for specific instructions.

For more information, e-mail NCRER@realtors.org.

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