Professional Standards Committee Chairs Honored at 2013 Midyear Meetings

At the 2013 Midyear Meetings, a special reception honored past chairs of the Professional Standards Committee.

Standing (left to right): Jennifer Pinnick (NAR staff), Rodney Gansho (NAR staff), Ted Loring (2003 Chair), Dale Mattison (2005 Chair), Kemper Funkhouser (2013 Chair), Carollee Porter Hayward (1987 Chair), Joe Funkhouser (1989 Vice Chair), Dominic Cardone (2011 Chair), Henry Ray (1993 Chair), Diane Disbrow (2002 Chair), Bill Lublin (2008 Chair), Sharon Steele (2006 Chair), Steve Hoover (1996 Chair), Steve Casper (2000 Chair), Bruce Aydt (1995 Chair), Kevin Milligan (NAR staff), Cliff Niersbach (NAR staff)

Seated (left to right): Bill Overacre (1988 Chair), Paula Savard (1992 Chair), Elgin Smith (1975 Chair), Carolyn D'Agosta (1999 Chair), Linda Page (2010 Chair), Stephanie Walker (2012 Chair), Ted Kelly (2001 Chair)



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