This information is for State and Local Association staff only and is NOT for members. If members have a question regarding dues, they must contact their local association.


Attached is the Dues Transmittal form to be used by State Associations and/or Local Associations when submitting their 2016 Dues Payments. The spreadsheet is in an Excel format.

**Please note: 2017 dues must be submitted to NAR electronically.

Please note that the BOARD# column should have the association's 4-digit NRDS association ID.

Also, there is a column for the Consumer Advertising Campaign special assessment. This assessment is $35 is not pro-rated. This assessment is not included in the
Dues Formula for the DR's non-member salespersons.

We have attached the NAR Dues Transmittal. This allows an association to enter the counts they are reporting (i.e. number of new members in June, number of new members in July; number of non-member salesperson in June, etc) and the form will perform the calculations for you for proration of NAR dues, the Consumer Advertising Campaign Assessment etc and give you a total at the end. You can then enclose this form with your check to NAR so that national knows how to distribute your dues payment.

You would want to save this spreadsheet to your computer as your template
and each time you open it, you will have a blank form with the built in calculations.
Then use Save As to save your filled out form (giving it a different name than the
template) and then you will still have the blank master form on your computer.

NOTE: the cells in the spreadsheet that are bordered in blue are programmed with
automatic formulas for prorations and totals so you do not want to type in these cells - Excel will calculate for you based on the counts you enter.

The document called Dues Transmittal for Multiple Boards can be used
when an association, such as a State association, is sending dues payments
for more than one local association.

If you have trouble printing out the form, contact Information Central at 1-800-874-6500 and they can fax a copy to you.

For State and Local Association staff only. This is NOT a contact for members:

If state or local association staff only have any questions on this information, please contact Jackie Anderson at NAR - 312 329-8211 or Patty Garcia at NAR - 312 329-8214.

Members must contact their local association regarding dues. This is not a contact that can answer member questions.
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2015-2016 Dues Transmittal Use for Multiple Board Payments.xls