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The NRDS Ecommerce Work Group commissioned an idependent study of the online
dues billing option in the Realtor Ecommerce Network as used by the Vermont
Association in their year 2000 dues billing. The purpose of the study was to
analyze the procedure and processes used in an association's dues billing, both
before ecommerce and with ecommerce in order to report the savings, if
any, in costs, staff resources, recordkeeping, etc. from one process to the

The independent audit firm completed the study and reported back to the
work group with an analysis of the procedures as well as the statistics
used for this study. Attached is the Analysis as well as the Table of
statistics measured so other associations can use this as a benchmark
when reviewing their own processes for any savings in ecommerce.
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If you are a member of the National Assocation of REALTORSŪ and are
registered at REALTOR.org, please
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