NAR Comment Letter on FTC-DOJ Competition in Residential Real Estate Brokerage Workshop

July 31, 2018

NAR believes that the FTC/DOJ Workshop on June 5, 2018, showed that the residential real estate industry is robustly competitive with multiple business models offering consumers the prices and services to fit their needs.

Today, NAR filed a comment letter with the FTC- DOJ, the final day on the comment period, and released a statement from NAR's General Counsel, Katie Johnson, on the filing.

The National Association of REALTORS® is confident that the real estate industry is highly competitive, and that at the conclusion of a public workshop and comment period, the Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Justice will determine the same. With multiple real estate brokerage and business models offering consumers the services and prices that best fit their needs, real estate has never been more competitive, and there is no need for antitrust regulators to continue their decade-old consent decree. Our filing today with the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission reflects those beliefs.


Competition in Real Estate

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