12 Tech Startups Vying for Glory in the Real Estate Space

At NAR’s iOi Summit this month, the annual Pitch Battle will aim to identify the next great innovation to help your business flourish.
iOi Pitch Battle

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Twelve technology startups in the real estate space with new offerings such as fractional ownership, home renovation and rental solutions are poised to shake up the real estate industry. These budding companies will take the stage later this month at the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2022 Innovation, Opportunity & Investment Summit in Los Angeles, competing in a “Shark Tank”–style Pitch Battle for crucial funding to widen their reach.

Each of the preselected companies will showcase their innovations live in a four-minute pitch about their product or service and how it can improve the real estate industry. Each company also will face a rapid-fire question-and-answer session from a panel of judges. The winner of the Pitch Battle will receive $15,000 and booth space at NAR’s annual conference in November, “NAR NXT, The REALTOR® Experience.”

“In today’s real estate ecosystem, innovation is accelerating, opportunity is exploding and investment is at a record high,” says NAR CEO Bob Goldberg. “At the iOi Summit, real estate professionals, investors and innovators gather to cultivate and champion the most impactful ideas that will disrupt the status quo and advance the industry.”

Second Century Ventures, NAR’s venture capital arm, hosts the Pitch Battle at the iOi Summit, which is being held on Sept. 28 and 29. The annual competition aims to help new property tech companies gain a foothold in the real estate space. These are this year’s Pitch Battle contestants:

Agently: An AI-powered coaching platform for real estate agents. It provides daily guidance and tools and offers results-driven action plans.

Arx: An automated underwriting and market intelligence platform for real estate developers and brokers. It helps pros source and evaluate real estate projects in minutes.

CubiCasa: An app for creating floor plans. Use an iOS or Android device to capture an indoor space in five minutes to create a more visual look for potential buyers.

Fractional: A social platform for co-investing in properties, sharing ideas and building a network. It helps people to co-own real estate with friends and other like-minded investors.

Inspectify: It connects real estate professionals and home buyers with qualified inspectors in their area to streamline the booking process. Schedule appointments in minutes and have direct communication using the latest technology.

Pacaso: It aims to make second-home ownership more accessible by lowering ownership costs and reducing hassle through fractional ownership opportunities. It provides a fully managed owner experience in fractional ownership transactions.

Prisidio: A secure, cloud-based vault that’s housed in one location, allowing users to share their valuable and important documents, such as birth certificates and insurance policies, only with those they trust. It’s simple, mobile and secure.

RentBase: Helps residential real estate agents by providing an interconnected bird’s-eye view of their property providers, listings and leads. Agents can access all of their data and automatically qualify and match leads to listings. They can also use it to maximize cashflow by leveraging the technology to uncover new opportunities.

Residently: A digital property rental platform that helps renters find their next home months in advance of a move. Use it to view key property documents, contracts, and essential home information, like building access codes.

Revive: A home renovation consultant that helps homeowners strategically repair and renovate their homes before selling to significantly increase their net gains. It assists homeowners with maximizing the value of their homes with no upfront costs.

Stake: The platform seeks to modernize investing in real estate for the average person. Stake aligns incentives between residents and owner-operator groups that are driven by residents’ actions. Incentivizes actions with cash back for the residents, empowering them to act on their financial journey.

Symba: A financial well-being tool made for real estate agents. It combines customer relationship management with banking and offers tools for customer support, managing deals and making financial decisions.