Board Histories and Anniversaries

Just as the National Association of REALTORS® celebrated its centennial in 2008, many state and local associations continue to prepare for significant birthdays and events. The resources on this page offer ideas for recognizing and celebrating an anniversary and writing an organization's history. State and local associations can also tap into the extensive resources of the NAR Archives for further assistance. 

Celebrating Your Board's Anniversary

Anniversary celebrations: Programs for states & boards (PDF excerpt), (National Association of REALTORS®, 1991).

Making commemorations meaningful - Marketing campaigns surrounding anniversaries, product launches, legislative victories and the like can lead to membership growth, increased revenue, and greater public awareness if executed properly, (Association Management, Dec. 2004).

12 tips for a memorable anniversary, (Association Management, July 2004).

Projects to consider for your anniversary celebration, (Association Management, July 2004).

Celebration of the century - Association milestones are a great time to remember where you've been, examine where you are, and look forward to where you're going for the staff, membership, and the industry. Learn how to incorporate all of these elements into your next association anniversary celebration 12 tips for a memorable anniversary, (Association Management, July 2004).

Blueprinting your birthday, (Association Management, July 2004).

Tip of the month: Celebrate your nonprofit, (Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Jan. 2004).

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Writing a Board History

Suggested outline for writing an association history , (National Association of REALTORS® , Aug. 2004).

There are five sides to every story: which are you missing?, (Communication World, Jan./Feb. 2007). Q

Organizational Timeline: Writing the History of Your Organization, (The Change Management Tool Book, 2005).

Placing your organization's records in an archives, (Nebraska State Historical Society, 1998).

Oral histories: the most overlooked PR tool, (Communication World, June/July 1995). Q

Sample Board Histories

Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS®

Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®

Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS®

Little Rock REALTORS® Association

Illinois Association of REALTORS®

Flint Area Association of REALTORS®

Santa Cruz Association of REALTORS®

Useful Websites

Business History Review, (Harvard Business School).

EH.Net - Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History.

A Guide to Finding Business Information at the Library of Congress: Guide to Business History Resources, (Library of Congress).

eBooks & Other Resources

The following ebooks and digital audiobooks are available to NAR members:

Real Estate in American History (Adobe eReader) - History of the real estate industry and the founding of the National Association of REALTORS®, written by historian Pearl Janet Davies in 1958.

Books, Videos, Research Reports & More

The resources below are available for loan through Information Central. Up to three books, tapes, CDs and/or DVDs can be borrowed for 30 days from the Library for a nominal fee of $10. Call Information Central at 800.874.6500 for assistance.

Dreams, Money and Ambition: A History of Real Estate in Chicago, (Chicago, IL: Chicago Real Estate Board, 1983).

The REALTOR® Tradition in Minneapolis: 1887-1987, (Minneapolis, MN: Greater Minneapolis Area Board of REALTORS®, 1985).

The Progress of Women in Real Estate: 50th Anniversary, (Chicago, IL: Women's Council of REALTORS®, 1985).

Celebratng the Century: 100 Years of California Real Estate, (Los Angeles, CA: California Association of REALTORS®, 1999).

Progress Towards Professionalism: Waterloo-Cedar Falls Board of REALTORS®, (Waterloo, IA: G&R Publishing, 2006).