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Letter of the Law


Each Member Board has been given important responsibilities under the Trademark Protection Program - a program to preserve and protect the integrity of the marks REALTOR®, REALTORS®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® and the REALTOR® Logo.

The MARKS are valuable only so long as they continue to identify and distinguish Members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® from non-members. It is each Member Board's duty to be alert to the use of the MARKS in its own jurisdiction and to diligently work to rectify unauthorized or improper uses whenever they are discovered.

The term REALTOR® has served the public as well as the National Association, its Member Boards and Members since 1916. As both a tradition and a duty, each Member and Member Board should participate to promote and protect the valuable MARKS so that they may continue to serve as the indispensable means of identifying real estate professionals who, through membership in the National Association, have voluntarily pledged themselves to the Code of Ethics and the highest ideals of professionalism.

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