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Evaluation of IRPF Completed

The International Real Property Foundation hired consultant Gordon Davis to conduct an Evaluation of the Foundation and write a report to be used in reaching out to potential partners and donors. Since the last evaluation of IRPF was conducted in 1999, Davis had a substantial task to gather a detailed account of IRPF’s activities over the past ten years.

In conducting the evaluation, Davis studied considerable documents from the Foundation, elicited answers to a questionnaire from current partner associations abroad, and talked to Board members and many individuals, including strategic partners and volunteers with personal knowledge of IRPF’s work. He also travelled to South Africa where he conducted interviews and collected first-hand knowledge of IRPF’s program implemented there.

The final evaluation, “IRPF-Building Real Estate Markets Around the World” conveys the achievements of the Foundation throughout its seventeen years of existence and incorporates observations and testimonies to IRPF’s work from key individuals involved in the Foundation. Notable statements include one from Dr. Rao, Chairman of the National Association of Realtors – India which IRPF helped launch back in 2007:
IRPF played a key role in the formation of NAR-INDIA. The contribution of Norman D Flynn is particularly notable since it was he who led the discussions on the contributions which IRPF could make. He also outlined the way the association needs to be organized and how it should function. These ideas put forward by Flynn had a major impact on the realtors in India who came forward to form NAR-INDIA

Perhaps the most noteworthy comment, Chris Barltrop - IRPF’s Cognizant Technical Officer from USAID (the main funding source to IRPF) - said of the Foundation’s work:
IRPF has been one of the most cost effective programs I have seen within USAID. By acting as a catalyst for development, IRPF has built ownership and capacity within the institutions and markets it has supported while fielding top flight professionals in a very cost effective and responsible fashion in support of a critical component of partner countries’ economic infrastructure.

Davis, in his cover memo to the evaluation adds:
IRPF's successes have depended to a remarkable degree on the unique expertise and vision of those of you on this Board, past and present, who have expended your time and energy, for the most part as volunteers, in the service of IRPF and its partner associations.

After taking readers through the history of IRPF and focusing in on the Foundation’s current programs, Davis concludes:
The IRPF legacy of successful interventions in developing country real estate markets over nearly two decades is secure. Its partner associations are flourishing in some 26 countries. Their lasting impressions of IRPF and its assistance to them add up to a major vote of confidence in its procedures, expertise, and effectiveness.

IRPF is grateful for the input from individuals involved in this evaluation and is hopeful that the resulting report will advance future fundraising efforts and partnering opportunities.

To access the complete Evaluation of IRPF, click here.

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