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Research on various aspects of housing opportunity and affordability is available from many sources. In addition to research supported by a number of housing organizations, NAR also sponsors research on topics of particular relevance for members.

New Research Sponsored by NAR

NAR Releases Fourth Annual National Housing Opportunity Pulse Survey

Affordable Housing Causes, Initiatives and Progress Evaluation: A New Orleans Case Study

This report describes the housing and economic environment in New Orleans and the community development efforts underway. The report also highlights several recent publicly and privately sponsored low-income housing initiatives.

Affordable Housing Causes, Initiatives and Progress Evaluation: A Review of Existing Research on the Effects of Federally Subsidized Housing Programs on Neighboring Residential Property Values

An overview of current research on the effects of subsidized housing on nearby property values, this report reviews the critical issues in measuring property value impacts and provides an assessment of recent studies.


Changes in demographic trends are a key driver of changes in the demand for affordable housing.

Housing Finance

Resources focusing on housing finance, especially for low- and moderate-income households.

Housing Market Conditions

Housing market conditions are always changing. These reports document the current condition of the housing market both generally and for low- and moderate-income households.

Housing Policy

Reports and research studies highlight several aspects of current housing policy.

Case Studies

Case studies and best practices resources in housing and community development.

Data & Statistics

Important sources of data tracking household demographics, home sales, housing demand and housing affordability.

Journals & Periodicals

Journals and periodicals of the most recent research findings and developments relating to affordable housing and housing finance.

Working Papers

Working papers are preliminary research that is published to elicit comment.

Research Areas

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Research Resources

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